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That’s what I tell myself everyday, but seldom have I been able to sit down and spend a few minutes together with all my thoughts organized so that I could blog about stuff that I feel like. But I guess looking back, I have done better than what I expected..have survived the blog world for three months.

Hey folks..did you read about the Mumbai flood? I have never lived in Mumbai but happened to spend two weeks in Mumbai back in 1997 right in the middle of the monsoon season. I was fortunate that the official guest house I was put up at did not require me to commute in the local trains to get to my work. But I did travel quite a bit in the BEST buses and the trains. And I remember one particular day when some of my co-workers were stranded in the office because of some heavy rains and they didn’t want to take any chances. As I was staying close to the Bandra station, I could actually see how the tracks could go under water easily in those low lying areas when there is flash flooding. So I can absolutely imagine the devastation this spell would have caused specially since this is being termed as the heaviest Mumbai had ever received. I can just hope that the city gets back to normal despite all the personal damages and property damages.

After all the national award attention it received, I decided to watch the hindi flick “Page 3” last night. Not a bad movie at all. Even though it made me wonder if things were exaggerated a little bit just to drive home a point, the attempt to do so is laudable. That also brought up a good question in my mind – The Indian population, specially those who live in the Metros are leading their lives across a major cultural schism. I mean I think they literally have their legs across both the western and the Indian cultures. Makes me wonder if they are right in the middle of an evolution of a “Neo-Indian” culture. Whatever it is, as someone who left India just 7 years ago in search of greener pastures and as someone who wants to go back to settle down there in a couple of years, this definitely gives a scare. The scare is really because of the possible “disconnect” between the culture that I was brought up in and that prevails in India.

Anyway the movie itself had some excellent plot foundation to work on. I am not sure if Page 3 really deserved an award or not..but worth a watch for good direction & sensible acting.

Page 3 is the last page in today’s blog.