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$1.50 a day

There was just one thing in my mind as I got to work today. My wallet.

As I left home this morning in precipitance, I was rather unmindful of a lot of things. But the one that would cost me a lot (or to be precise, the contrary) was the fact that I forgot my wallet. True, I weighed 2 lbs less which helped me climb all the stairs I normally climb in a day, a shade quicker. It was too late when I realized that I had forgotten my wallet. I was exactly half way between work and home. To make it to all my meetings and be productive at work for a full day, even the faintest thought that flashed across my rather hazy mind at that time which could have made me drive home to collect my wallet before I got to work, was a sign that I need to brush up my time management skills.

It was one of those days in a week, when I did not have breakfast at home nor did I pack my lunch. I checked my slack pockets to figure out if I had left any coins by mistake. A mistake that it never would be. Phew! As I counted 3 pennies and 6 quarters, I felt I really was rich for a moment. The elevator arrived. I pressed button 22 and exchanged customary good mornings and some friendly smiles with all the “co-elevangers” all along thinking how I should be spending my $1.53 in a wise way so that I don’t go home hungry in the evening.

Of course I have a lot of benevolent and altruistic friends who I could ask for some dough to plough my day but I was resilient because this was a great opportunity to try to experience living within a shoe string budget, albeit just for a day. So I started planning my day and came up with a time table.

The first cup of coffee felt good. The caffeine did its rounds through the sleeping brain cells. The meeting from 11 AM to 12:30 PM was a great idea. I bought a tube of peanuts at 12:30 PM. This cost me $0.75. I walked to the coffee area to get some water and found an apple that was left untouched in a fruit basket which some team member had brought in for us. An apple, some peanuts and a cup of water later, I was ready for my 1:00 PM meeting. Wow..not a bad lunch at all. I had another meeting to go at 2:30 PM and I wove it around a cup of hot chocolate. Then at 4:30 PM, I bought myself a candy bar for $0.75 and let it melt in my mouth with another cup of coffee. Finally when I left for home at 6 PM, I didn’t think I was hungry. For some this may sound like a gluttonous day – but if you find out what I normally consume (or pig out as some might want to call) in a day, what I ate today was literally “peanuts”!

Moral of the day: $1.50 a day budget is more than enough if you have a store where you can buy peanuts.