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Falling Temperatures

Was 80 degree something yesterday and it was 50 degree something this morning. But the wind chill in Chicago was more like 40 degree something this morning. Anyways, this is Fall, I am in the midwest and I have no right to complain. Or do I?

Listened to this puzzle in the NPR car talk show a couple of weeks ago – I just remembered it as I was writing about temperatures.

“John drives to work on a nice fall morning. He sees a temperature billboard on his way to work, checks the temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius and thinks to himself – that’s not bad for a fall day morning. When he drives back home that evening, the temperature had dropped considerably as he could feel the chill in the air. He drives past the same billboard again – the Fahrenheit reading had dropped 36 degrees (from his morning reading) but the Celsius scale still shows the same temperature. After some calculations he figures out that there is probably a small glitch on the board but the temperatures are right.”

What are the temperatures? Give it a shot and post your responses in the comments section.

The first week in October has been quiet – but this weekend is a special one. Our 5th anniversary and we have an opportunity to dance through the night – Garba weekend. More on that soon.