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Barking up the wrong (“Right”) tree…

The conspiracy theory that I was siding to in my previous blog was on the reason behind the sudden push of the panic button for the New York City daily commuters on Oct 6 and 7. With his man’s popularity rating slipping and his approval rating sliding, what else could the political genius in Karl Rove come up with other than making an attempt to tap the perceived strength of the President – which is keeping the country safe from terrorists?

I have heard that million times and cannot totally understand why an average American would believe that Bush is the safest bet when it comes to protecting the country. The Rove (or Cheney??) ploy of creating a sense of insecurity and alertness among the public and reminding them once again of the gruesome outcome of a terrorist attack, was quite evidently to make the American people look up to Bush for reassurance once again, hence living up to their reputation of having short memories and giving a big hike to the President’s rating numbers which mean nothing at all to anyone who really cares how the country should be run. I am glad indeed that the Big Apple commuters went on with their everyday life without much ado and the whole thing fizzled out. By no way, I am undermining the possibility of such a threat but how the hell does an Orange threat level threat make me less or more scared than a Yellow threat level? Someone really went on a “logic-shattering ride” before coming up with this color scheme. Now, it makes total sense to me what the conspiracy theorists came up with and it is a political game after all. All of the above is well within the “logical” boundaries of Washington D.C. politics.

So it is not surprising that the well renowned blogger Andrew Sullivan is just one of the many Republicans who are disappointed and angry with President Bush, because as day goes by, it seems like the entire world of American right wing extremists and the conservative fanatics are up in their arms against the nomination of Harriet Miers. Even Ann Coulter (a face I cannot stand in thousand years) is p***** off with Bush. But what bothers me when Andrew Sullivan says that he trusted the man in November 2004 and voted for him but now he regrets and thinks he should have voted for Kerry, is that there is no real remedy for his & many such people’s situation. The entire mid-America and the conservative base which forms more than 50% of the rest of the country had a chance to get rid of this man in 2004 but they did not. Quite ironic that less than 6 months into his second term, when more than half of them who voted for him are already thinking about the choice they made, nothing really can be done within the framework of this so called greatest democracy and its constitution. What matters to the American public and the senseless politicians is that if the President had a physical fling with someone in his office or not. That is disastrous to the country but not the hundreds of things that fall into my category of “I-wish-I-could-list-here-but-I-don’t-have-the-patience”. So an impeachment is out of the question and we have more than 75% of his second term still left. God Bless America.

This is turning into a blog version of “Real Time” but I just hope better sense prevails – Katrina or not, Iraq war or not, Tom Delay’s indictment or not, William Bennett’s arrogant half-thought comments which when taken out of context sound more racist & cruel than anything you have ever heard before or not, Karl Rove or not… (Gosh I didn’t realize I could go on and on with this list!!)

Talking about Iraq, there was only one thing that was on CNN Live this morning. Saddam Hussein’s trial – Nothing happened today in the trial. Really! Nothing at all. The judge just recorded all the names of the accused and those who are representing them. That was it. The News channels sensationalized this non-event as the biggest thing that is happening on the planet today naturally oblivious to the 99% of the rest of the world which did have some real events to report on. Well that’s American media.

Again I go off barking at a tree which I know will not respond or change. Albeit, Once in a while, I think it is good for my system if I do that. Bow..Wow!!!