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The Lucky Sperm Club

Hold on! Just don’t let your imagination run wild. This is not about any artificial insemination program or anything remotely connected to that. As a matter of fact, I didn’t know that this club existed till last night and today I am ready to write about it.

Just a little bit of a warning! I am not sure what I may end up writing in the next few minutes…so the disclaimer is that if I am insensitive to the rightist in you, it is not because I hate you but it is because I am angry with that rightist in you. In any case, this one is not for the weak hearted Republicans. (Smile)

I was wondering till I posted my first political write-up (“Barking up the wrong (‘Right’) tree“), if I should really do that here or not, for the fear of scandalously unveiling my political mask. Now that it is all open and clear, I guess I might as well cover the extra mile and try to tear down the conservative hypocrisy that is lewd, preposterous and plain obnoxious, in my mind. But honestly, I enjoy politics and politicking. I wanted to write something about Indian politics – more specifically Tamil Nadu politics, about which I have quite a bit of an interest in. Somehow, someway, “Plamegate” is in the top of my head now – so let me unburden myself.

Remember I talked about impeaching Bush in my previous blog? Well. Ladies and Gentlemen! Wait for the drum roll…In the next few months; you will be entering the dramatic world of independent counsels and indictments. I am not sure yet if the country will take it as far as impeaching “Bubba” but it sure seems like some kind of reprieve in the constantly liberal-beating media – of course, Fox News being an exception.

The Valerie Plame story is turning out to be an amazing stunner. I never would have imagined that a political game of that intensity is even remotely possible to execute over a long period of time. I mean, it is one thing to write a story or make a movie about such politics and tactics, but to do in real life is truly disgusting. Wake up America! What more do you need to find fault with the government? Are you going to wait for another 3 years and then bid farewell in a nice way, to the President who has the record for bringing the country to its worst deficit ever?

This leaking thing directly relates the White House to the false claim of Iraq’s WMD and the war itself. It is simply outrageous. So what if the Congress (including Democrats) passed a motion authorizing Bush to do whatever he can back in ‘02? The general mood of the country at that time was such that if you opened your mouth and said “it doesn’t seem right” or simply asked “why” for something the president and his evil cronies did, you were termed “unpatriotic” and in my case probably a “terrorist”, before you could bat your eye lid. The media, the hot-dog vendors and even the hair dressers thought it was apocalypse then and if we didn’t beat the s*** out of Saddam Hussein immediately, our drinking water would be poisoned and the bio-terrorists would fly from Iraq overnight and would fart poison everywhere in the country killing all the babies, pets and old people. It was like a do-or-die situation. All thanks to the wonderfully created “terrorized world” by Cheney and his boss, ably and dutifully supported, magnified and dramatically portrayed by the media led by the corporate-driven-media-mogul Rupert Murdoch and his mouthpiece – “The Fox Network”. So why blame Democrats now..? (this is becoming an increasingly common trait among the Republicans who are trying to defend the war “NOW”). The Democrats in the congress for the most part wanted to play it safe probably – after all they are politicians too. And with the term “liberal” in American politics being given more and more negative spin by everyone from the religious right to the conservative media that no politician would want to take a leftist stand, unless he/she is from those handful of Vermont or Washington State or Oregon or Massachusetts towns with a population of 5000 or less. So getting back to the war, everyone knew that Colin Powell just took a gas bag to the UN Security Council to present the US’s case for the Iraq war. But the media made sure the opposing voices were not heard.

May be, things have changed a little bit now for the better. You can actually see those networks relaxing a bit and coming down on the White House (albeit in small dosages). But Fox News still is the same – Actually, I have a doubt if the Fox News newsreaders read from Teleprompters that are controlled by the White House (like a direct link between the White House press secretary’s office and the Fox News control room). Just my conspiracy theory!! (Smile again..)

Joseph Wilson blows the whistle on the atrocious claim the Bush government wanted to make (and did) – that – Iraq bought Uranium from Niger. He said it was all “BS”. So what does the cunning Cheney do? He sends ‘Scooter’ to Miller and makes him leak..(Sorry no pun intended). The leak blows Valerie Plame’s identity cover open and her CIA career is ruined. That is the story in short, the implications of which is far and beyond Valerie Plame alone. But look at the level of involvement in this dirty politics. From Dick, the “Diabolic” Cheney to the White House dog – everyone had a piece of pie in this accomplishment.

This is getting to be a random collection of my pent-up frustration. But hey, I need to tell you what the club is all about.

“The Lucky sperm club” – A select (albeit unofficial) club populated by powerful men who owe their exalted status in life not to talent, intelligence, creativity, or hard work but to winning the sperm lotto by having the great good fortune to be born into a powerful family.

For starters, let’s just say Bush and Sulzberger belong to this –

(Thanks to Arianna Huffington for the great invention!

Where are the real Democrats? They need to be doing more work now.. Blow the “Plamegate” out into the next “Watergate” or even bigger! They don’t need the Hillary Clintons defending the Democratic fortress anymore. Bring back the Howard Deans and the Al Gores!