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Festive Nostalgia

Halloween and Deepavali – Kind of a good combination. Those are the two festivities that could have blocked your Monday and Tuesday of this week if you were quite not in a situation as I am. Pretty sad that I have to spend the Deepavali day away from home – but on second thoughts, even if I were home today, I don’t think the Deepavali spirit in Novi, Michigan is the same to write home (sic.) about as it is in any small town in India. All said, may be there is some amount of nostalgia here. I do miss the Deepavali fun that I grew up with – the week long snack aroma in the house, Mom’s constant update of her 2 page long snack check list, last minute mad rush to the tailor shop to make sure that the new clothes would be ready at least the day before, a 10 PM ‘cracker walk’ – to buy fireworks for the next day and of course who can forget trying to combine that walk with another last minute garment purchase for the grand parents. Then, as I settle down in a temporary bed that is closer to the kitchen wondering why my mom didn’t have to worry about an alarm clock for that night, my sleep is always interrupted by the lack of it, as every 20 minutes or so, I open my eyes to check the clock. Finally, at ‘3ish AM’, I am up and so are my mom and grand mom. Once again the fresh smell of fried oily snacks fill the house and I wait till 4:30 AM to step out into the streets to fire my first ‘cracker’. Ha! The smell of sulfur around my little hands definitely was not healthy and hygienic but hey, it was fun. Well, I did wash my hands thoroughly with soap before I touched anything that was edible. Hmmm.. those days will never come back.

Halloween and Deepavali both deal with evil. Deepavali is celebrating the victory of good over evil and Halloween is just venerating evil. In some ways, Deepavali following Halloween the following day, like this year is a coincidence. A good coincidence.

My last post was also a coincidence in some good way because what followed the next day was the indictment of Mr.Libby. I just didn’t have enough time to celebrate over the weekend. Heard this on David Letterman last week “President Bush is so overwhelmed with all these recent issues and troubles that he is hoping for another National Emergency like a Hurricane Katrina or something…so that…he can do Nothing!”. Cracked me up quite a bit..Ha..ha.

Attapattu and his men are facing the wrath of Chappell’s 11 in India. Ganguly, the man who once stood defiantly against “white cricket establishment”, whom I admired for the grit and the arrogance he brought to the team, for simply the way with which he approached his captaincy, is suddenly the biggest loser of this India-SL series. Notwithstanding his century in the Duleep trophy which proves he is still fit to play Domestic cricket, I am sure Gregory Chappell will not like to alter the balance of this winning team. I wish I had the opportunity to watch Dhoni deliver his blows the way he did in Jaipur. Explosive innings and we got to wait and watch his consistency specially outside the Indian Peninsula.

Explosions – That’s what bothered me over the weekend. New Delhi was the target again and it is an awful way to disturb the festive crowd. I will never understand the devious minds of these trouble makers. Hatred exhibited in its worst form once again – in all its goriness and primitive viciousness. I think what India needs is to get rid of the secular tag and become a Hindu Nation – live to its name – “Hindustan”. No. That is not the religious fanatic in me speaking. It is just an Indian pragmatist speaking. More on this touchy subject later.

Happy Deepavali! And Happy Eid!


Besides fantasizing about being a Peter Gibbons at least for a couple of days at my work, I think I have a long way to go to realize some of the other fantasies. But like any ambitious man out there, I will get there! Note: All views expressed in this blog are mine alone and have got nothing to do with my company Cogent IBS, Inc., its employees or any of its affiliates.

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