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Danish by the dozen – laugh, stock and smoking muslim radicals

Pictures of violence in any form are not pretty when they are superimposed over and over again in prime time TV. But that’s exactly what is going on with the latest trigger that has brought many fundamelist muslims together around the globe for the first time, along the exact lines that Bin Laden would have hoped – only that it is a laughing matter (literally) for which they have come together now.

Like it nor not, the western media (religiously speaking, media from the white Christian world) has always managed to rake up such touchy issues every now and then not to prove the freedom of speech, as they claim, in their part of the world but to mildly ridicule the third world for its sensitive society. How often do you see cartoons or products carrying an image of “The God” or “Jesus Christ” or “Mary” in a magazine or a bottle of beer or in your shoe sole…?

Having said that, what is going on in the Islamic world right now is plain fanaticism highlighting the mob psyche they live with. Where the hell were these rioters when sacrilege in so many other forms were being carried out in the muslim world around them? Like when all the 100s of 1000s who get killed in J&K every year in India or when young muslim children are being killed in Iraq and Afghanistan by their own people or when mosques are being bombed by muslim warlords or even when muslim terrorists blow up places and kill innocent people. It seems like they were just waiting for an incident to flare up against the west.

Here is a link that carries these now infamous cartoons:

In all honesty, I don’t give a s*** if someone comes up with a cartoon depicting any god of any religion for a reason (to make one laugh is also a valid reason). But this dirty Danish dozen has suddenly fired up the entire Islamic world thanks to some quasi intelligent Danish Imams lodging a complaint with the government. The fire is spreading fast and quick.

I find it painful and indigestible to read about the violence every day. Now makes me wonder why on earth would the west (hate to make this a cultural war between the west and the muslim world but that’s what Andrew Sullivan calls it and so the others who condemn the radicals like AS) even think of instigating the religious sentiments of people who are known for their fanaticism?

As I update the blog today, I read that an Iranian newspaper has invited cartoons on Holocaust – clearly this issue is waiting to explode into a major war unless someone does something loud and clear.