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Apathetic Apothecaries

Started off the day, today, on a very relaxed note (even though I got only 5.5 hours of sleep last night thanks to some D&B gaming and team drinking)…and as Soledad O’Brian went through her customary good morning with a broad, white and charming smile, the CNN morning news started listing the previous day’s tragic incidents. It is quite depressing when all that a news channel talks about is tragedies and on top of it, you don’t get a world’s view on the news because every American news channel is so US centric. I did write about how much more information you can gain if you listened to BBC for 10 minutes which you can never get even if you watched an American channel for 24 hours. That’s a message for another order and for today, I am going to focus on pharmaceutical industries – kind of a jog down the memory lane triggered by certain news items from the recent past.

There was a news report on ADHD medication and its side effects & addiction among children with constant use. Parents and patients should consult with doctors before taking these prescription medications and make sure they are ok with the side effects. To me, that is common sense! My grand father considered doctors who practice “conventional medicine” (the ones who go to med school and get degrees in allopathic medicine) as Satans or reincarnations of evil sent out to get patients’ lives. Well, not exactly in so many words but he believed that the doctors and the pharma industries had a common goal to exploit the public and to use them as guinea pigs for their experimentation. He himself was a doctor – a Homeopathic doctor, which according to the “conventional practitioners” is really practicing unconventional medicine or alternative medicine – Quacks in their minds! I personally did not buy into the whole “satan” concept however I do believe the drug industries aided by their powerful doctor agents try to push their “treat everything with medicine” idea. Obviously end of the day, money talks.

A nice segue into a movie that I watched recently – “The Constant Gardner”. The basic premise of the movie is how Africa has been made the testing ground (live beta test lab!!) for a lot of new medicines that the drug companies want to introduce into the market. A great alternative to laboratory mice & monkeys! Probably not as cheap but definitely a better result producing tool – and needless to say, no one cares for the lives of these cursed souls who have inhabited the planet longer than any other race or creed..Longer than the Whites, Indians, Chinese, Arabs and Asians.

A very traumatizing movie, with a very realistic ending which was more like presenting a problem to the audience through some fictional work and yet not concluding with any solution but making the audience ponder over it.

I just wonder why we can’t let the human body be itself. Do we have to treat everything just because we think we can? After hundreds of years of evolution of this science of medicine, physiology or whatever you want to call it, aren’t the super brains still struggling to understand the complex nature of the human body? Doctors still keep inventing new diseases, disorders, symptoms and deficiencies every other day. The pharmaceutical companies keep inventing new medicines to treat these new diseases every third day spending millions and millions of dollars in their R&D. And then what happens? Out of the small proportion of these medicines that make it to the consumer market, almost every single medicine has at least one known side effect and the manufacturers sell these drugs with warnings, basically letting the customers know that when they use these, they are using them at their own discretion. So all these known and unknown side effects end up creating new symptoms, disorders or diseases which the doctors have now to invent and name. Don’t you see?? It is a vicious cycle – quite vicious because it involves human lives and human bodies.

Again, why do we have to try to cure everything? Or try to make everything perfect..? Perfection is a matter of perception. Why do we have to fix our sagging eye lids? Why do we have to fix our twisted tooth line? Why do we have to worry about a 12 month old having attention deficiency? Why do we need to treat sleeplessness with medicines? Why do we need to treat obesity with medicines and surgery (tummy tuck)? Why do we have to go against the law of nature and try to rectify its perceived flaws? Is there any conventional medicine that has no side effect at all? Is there any drug that a pharmaceutical company can come forward and vouch for its safety for all? The list never ends.

Evil incarnations or not – the so called conventional medicine, thanks to the altruistic (sic) nature of the drug industries is really all about going against the convention. And you, me and our neighbors are all part of this drug chain. Those of us who are forced into believing that conventional drugs really can cure all ailments get sucked into the drug chain.

We are still better off than that poor little malnourished 4 year old African boy, who doesn’t know that he lost his mom to AIDS, his Dad to some Pharmaceutical experiment and that he has got just 1 more year to live due to inheriting HIV from his mom.

Such is the curse of the apathetic apothecaries!


Besides fantasizing about being a Peter Gibbons at least for a couple of days at my work, I think I have a long way to go to realize some of the other fantasies. But like any ambitious man out there, I will get there! Note: All views expressed in this blog are mine alone and have got nothing to do with my company Cogent IBS, Inc., its employees or any of its affiliates.

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