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Some remnants…

Godavari – That’s a Telugu movie and am currently hooked on to its songs. For a change, a non-Rahman Indian album has caught my ears. Intuitional – that’s how I would term my instinct to buy this when I made a whirlwind tour to the Banjara Hills Music World a couple of weeks ago. K.M. Radhakrishnan derives inspiration from AR Rahman all the way for his orchestration and arrangements – and Ilayaraja & Rahman for his melodies. (Did I hear you ask “who doesn’t??”. But he does a very decent job of it. 3 songs stood apart – SPB’s “Godavari”, Unni/Chitra’s “Manasa Vacha” and Sunitha’s “Andanglena”..Even with my limited Telugu vocabulary, I can certify that the lyrics are way above the standards the Telugu music scene has witnessed in the last few years..(and thanks to my many telugu speaking friends, I do know how bad the “scene” is).

MCH and HUDA – They are doing one heck of a job in the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad. The roads have been widened (even at places where I could have hardly imagined) and there is greenery & to top it all, most of the roads are litter free. Kudos to whoever is involved. I think they should soon become a model civic body to emulate to – Listening Bangalore?

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Indian Summer

Back from the heart of mangoes. If I were to describe my 3 week stay in India in 3 words, they would be “Hot, Nostalgic and Mangolicious”!

After all, how I can I be so indifferent to the place where I spent all my formative years?

Three weeks and still limping – that’s how bad I feel in terms of staying out of touch with generally everything. Or should I say, I don’t know what all I have missed because my comfortable routine was disrupted (including blogging).

Within our means, we were able to treat our families in India to a wonderful get together at Goa where the sun was shining, guides were counting and yet we experienced the serene Goa & the laid back Goan culture that we all have heard about. This was our first visit to this beach state and we were happy that we made this trip. Sure thing, we would do it again.

And the journey home was never too long – A flight, a car ride and a train ride later, we were near the banks of Thamiraparani. It was great to brace through the place and people who looked like us and spoke like how I used to a few years ago. The pampering at home never crossed the limits. I had to spend the last week in Hyderabad – sort of working through my vacation. Boy has the city changed or what? More on this – may be later. Soon, it was time to get back to reality.

This time I am just going to share some pictures from the trip and go easy on the words partly because I have so much to catch up on…

Here are some pictures from Goa…

Sunset – Time for some beach cricket!

Cashew Fruits – Ready to be crushed for Fenny

Doodhsagar waterfalls