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Frustration – from start to end!

You know how frustrating it is to sit in your hotel room and find out that the broadband internet connection that the hotel offers is not working (again)..? It is as frustrating as (if not worse than) having to navigate through the innumerable automated voice prompts before you are placed in a queue with a 20 minute wait time, in the customer service phone line, to try to get an answer to that one second question you have!

Can’t complain as patience is virtue and I have become tolerable to this during my last six month stay here, at this property.

Summer seems to be here – well, not in Pittsburgh where I am right now. But nevertheless, the grass has grown taller outside and demands trimming weekly, the tulips in our yard had blossomed (exactly when we were out of the country) and died before we got back, the Home Depots and the stores alike have more people in the nursery section than the lumber section and the neighborhoods are filled with the smell of charred meat and tinkling of beer bottles.

I certainly missed watching the recently concluded one day series in Windies live. If this series was really the kick-off for Indian cricket team’s 2007 world cup campaign, then we should agree that we have had such a sloppy start. And that’s enough for all the media police to start chewing Dravid and Chappell. When will the country learn to be a little less impulsive?

Talking about being impulsive, what the heck is going on with BJP and its narrow minded fascist politics especially in the ongoing Aamir Khan episode? What do they have to lose if Aamir Khan stopped by Medha Patkar’s tent to offer his sympathies? Being out of power has clearly driven the party back to its religious fanatic roots. Thanks to their precarious handling of this event all because Aamir voiced his support to NBA on one warm & sultry Delhi afternoon , the reticent Bollywood star has suddenly become the Tim Robbins or the George Clooney of Bollywood, thus bringing its liberal face to the front…(one which it never had till then). Now the state of Gujarat under the neo-Hindutva leader Modi has taken cue from the likes of Thirumavalavan and Ramdoss in Tamil Nadu and have started attacking a movie just because Aamir is in it. Just when you think that India is making all these leaps and bounds on one side of the economic spectrum, things like these do make you wonder…where the &%$%^ and what the &^%& and how the *&^%^????.

Frustrating indeed.