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Which is worse?

Don’t know which is worse – your flight home getting canceled or your laptop crashing all of a sudden on a Thursday morning when everything seemed alright the night before..(did I add the part that I haven’t backed up my data in a while).
In my case, it is the combination that is worse. That was my day yesterday which ended with a 330 mile drive through thunderstorms with sirius satellite radio.

The line up is getting clearer for the round of 16. Much along the predicted lines except the Ghana surprise. I am disappointed that I haven’t followed all the games as closely as I would have liked to. Brazil’s 4-1 against Japan should bring the carnival boys some confidence back. England-Ecuador and Netherlands-Argentina are going be interesting encounters too. To sum it up, there is lot of good kicking around waiting to happen in the next couple of weeks.

Iqbal and Holy Cow in my next post.