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Passively observing

21 years and still going!

That’s Agassi at the U.S Open. If match records could speak for a tennis player’s legacy and not just the number of grand slams won, then Agassi is probably up there ranked along with the other greats of the game. Sampras says that it is Agassi’s relationship with Graf that helped him mature as a player and he owes his own (Sampras’s ) legacy in part to their rivalry. 21 years ago, when I was still in my middle school, the denim shorts, the crazy disco hair style, pink shirts and shoes along with hair bands sure made him look like a rebel and that’s why the media loved to hate him. But two tennis generations and twenty one years later, the same media loves to show its respect and shower him with praises & tributes. Times do change. And the fact that he made it to the final in 2005 has got to say something about this man’s tenacity.

We have two more weeks of pure hard court tennis fun which may culminate with another Federer-Nadal final.

“Snakes on the Planes” is a creepy movie alright but I still don’t get all the hype it created among the online community. The movie had a few moments of unadulterated reptile fear but overall, I think it was a simple case of a “B” grade movie that got bumped up. Samuel Jackson has done better roles but he is not alone in carrying the burden of maintaining the tempo throughout the movie. You can watch it on DVD.

We had a little bit of neighborhood networking last week. Sure, we were the only “non-caucasian” couple in the crowd and most of them were double my age. Neither of which prevented us from mingling. It was funny watching a relatively “liberal” gentleman throwing baits at a rather publicly declared Republican, waiting for him to explode and blame the other one & democrats for everything the country has lost. Sure, he got a kick out of it.

Needless to say, I was just a passive observer.