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Train to Madness

There is a method to all madness. And even though the method is unknown yet, the Samjhauta express tragedy is not an exception. I was reading Dilip D’Souza’s very touching narration of a Marine getting killed in Iraq – how a complete lifeless stranger reached out to him as he drove through a small village, there was a cloud of sorrow that filled my heart. Guess, I give away to such humane feelings more often than I think. But the fact is losses do affect me and it does not matter if it was an unknown US marine falling dead as his chopper went down, leaving his single widowed mom childless or if it is a Pakistani father Shaukat Ali who lost 5 children in Samjhauta express, I can only see them as what they are to their loved ones – not as props in an orchestrated mission driven by religious fanaticism funded by political motivations. I see them as fathers, sons, daughters, mothers and sisters of families who have lost them. I see them through their own eyes and I see them through their beloved ones’ eyes. And I just cannot understand how else you can see them.

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Love Circus

Imagine – Guy Laliberte and George Harrison performing together on the streets. Apparently, it was Laliberte’s friendship with George Harrison that sowed the seeds for this version of ‘Love’ with acrobats on trampoline creating a far reaching image of the 1960s Liverpool aided by some of the best choreographers and well-designed props, set under some brilliant lighting , in the middle of a 360 degree theater.

Oh..Well..the mention of Love on Valentine’s day is just an unwitting chance and I have been wanting to write about my first Cirque Du Soleil show for four days.

One of those weekends that passed like a blur… An evening flight from Detroit to Vegas on Thursday was not bad because I still had a long night to kill, given the three virtual hours I had gained. And so it all started…The best thing about a short business vacation like this is that you could live a life of your dream for a short time – not long enough to make you forget the real life. So it all started in that spirit.

By the time I boarded my red-eye back on Saturday night – I was partly sunken with the fact that I walked after my second course of a second night of fine dining, just so that I could arrive at the airport on time. But I need to talk about ‘Love’…so this is for another time.

The show was incredible to say the least. To rekindle Beatles’s love for music and a generation’s love for Beatles in front of a newer generation in a totally nontraditional way is something only men with some kind of creative machismo can pull it off. I got introduced to Cirque’s music a couple of years ago and I have been listening to their “sort of new-age music” since then. So finally when it happened – it was a double whammy of sorts. Even though I don’t quite belong to the Beatles generation (what’s wrong in claiming so?), I got besprinkled to Rock’n Roll music through Beatles.

The order in which they performed the songs don’t quite pop out of my memory – but every single song from this unique album was performed in that high performing surround sound environment. And the Beatles were never on stage – only their shadows every now and then. That technique worked well because you don’t want to present an actor to show up as Lennon or McCartney knowing awfully well that the viewer may not connect. As they say, some things are better left to one’s imagination.

“All you need is Love” was the last song performed and it was a perfect way to end the show.

Some other highlights – Ride my car, Blackbird, Gnik Nus, Octupus’s Garden…

So it all ended in that spirit. The ‘Love circus’ did….In the spirit of Love…Imagine that!

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From Boreas with Love…

No. Thank you…that’s what I want to say to the kind-hearted boondocks and massifs of the Arctic. This may be winter and I damn well know that. I live in Detroit which is not the warmest place to live in – and I know that too. But after having lived through a 65 degree November day and a 70 degree December day, (which incidentally excited many northern US residents to their hilt) to be followed by some brutal, scathing and completely unnerving cold weather when the difference between day & night is just 6 degrees while the high temperature hovers below Zero even when the sun is out in all its vigor, is like remunerating an employee with a merit bonus (stuffed alongside an embossed gift certificate for two, to the most expensive restaurant in Manhattan) for his superlative performance and firing him 2 weeks later, for no reason.

It is probably 3 degrees below right now and I see some snow dust being sprayed from the skies above, forming a thin crust over the slimy roads lit by some powerful halogen lamps on what appears to be yet another dead, senseless and acerbically cold night, here in north eastern Ohio.

To me that’s not love. It is being fiendish. It is being viciously barbaric. It is like the brumal boreal winds bearing the bitter message of global warming.

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Confessions of a don’t wannabe DGF…

What is the MCC among DGFs? I think it is ADS… Why?..

For example, if you are a DGF like me, then you would have a Blackberry which you would use only for checking mails even though it offers voice features & other stuff, that your cell phone offers. But you like your slide-open cell phone so much that you think it is better to carry a small cell phone AND an inconveniently small Blackberry – just so that you can rest your Blackberry somewhere on your desk while you are walking around the office. Sorry….I digressed. We were talking about ADS.

ADS is the MCC because a DGF things he can multi task will all the cables, wires and silicon chips that he is surrounded with. It is just that he doesn’t know when to switch tasks and how to prioritize them because he just cannot. As I realize how my life has been taken over by these mini silicon induced, AI driven, alarmingly smart & attractive devices over the last few years – I got to admit that I may soon become a DGF. Right now, my wife thinks I am addicted to my laptop PC as I just cannot seem to sit on my couch without it. I have even been challenged if I could spend one weekend without ever sniffing at my pet. That may be a challenge that I can easily take upon and win, if only I have the freedom to do whatever I want during that weekend. Well….I digress again!

With an 80GB sleek, blackish beauty (iPod) added to my DG bank, I have a booty full of devices that have specific duties that they perform for me on a given day.

The choices are getting narrowed down as far as deciding where & how I should transport them goes. So I have my cell phone precariously stuffed into my slack pocket while the Bluetooth ear piece is either on my ear (making me look like a deaf dude with an old-fashioned hearing aid) as I drive and walk or in one of my coat pockets while my blackberry always finds a spot in my shirt pocket – all this while my newly acquired palm sized external back-up hard drive tugs along with the laptop case to which it is lawfully married to. That’s just me during the week and when I am on the road.

The many facets of these Gizmos shall only dictate their love for you only as long as you show that you are dependent on them. The way the consumer market is behaving, it is only right to expect more of these gadgets that no one really needs but will want to own once they hit the market.

It is as if you suddenly realize that you need air to breathe and you go buy it. I just keep telling myself that I am not a DGF (yet) – that may be because I keep comparing myself with Gen-Yers. But should I be afraid of becoming a DGF? What if I become one?

Yes. I am afraid of become a DGF because the more time I spend with DGs, the less time I get to spend on other things – other creative things. Like simply scribbling on a piece of paper, making caricatures of sleepy faces & boring looks of dreary eyed participants in the most boring meeting I ever have to sit through. Like wandering through the streets when I have a couple of hours to kill while I am away from home and getting that time to think about ‘nothing’. Like being able to look at people, read their faces and understand their feelings, while my mind is busy assimilating those images & interpreting their circumstances and their social standings (and how miserable they are contrary to what they think).

Like star gazing….Like staring at a white wall… Like sleeping….

Like making more such confessions….