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Train to Madness

There is a method to all madness. And even though the method is unknown yet, the Samjhauta express tragedy is not an exception. I was reading Dilip D’Souza’s very touching narration of a Marine getting killed in Iraq – how a complete lifeless stranger reached out to him as he drove through a small village, there was a cloud of sorrow that filled my heart. Guess, I give away to such humane feelings more often than I think. But the fact is losses do affect me and it does not matter if it was an unknown US marine falling dead as his chopper went down, leaving his single widowed mom childless or if it is a Pakistani father Shaukat Ali who lost 5 children in Samjhauta express, I can only see them as what they are to their loved ones – not as props in an orchestrated mission driven by religious fanaticism funded by political motivations. I see them as fathers, sons, daughters, mothers and sisters of families who have lost them. I see them through their own eyes and I see them through their beloved ones’ eyes. And I just cannot understand how else you can see them.