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Champions in Darkness

It was a clinical execution. I hated it and I admit it. I bet the Lankans hated it as much too. But none of that hatred should have smudged the glory & reverence the Aussies deserved at that moment, the way the umpires did on April 28, Kensington Oval, Bridgetown, Barbados. In a way, it was a fitting final to remind everyone how much this world cup was marred by poor administration and bad planning.

There is a clear chasm, wide enough to drown all the 15 other cricket playing nations, between the Australians and the rest that exists– the way this Australian cricket team played. Sri Lanka was the close second in terms of putting up any kind of fight against the mighty kangaroos.

Not that any of the following would have contributed to Sri Lanka beating Australia comfortably….but would have had some influence over the result:

* Fernando should not have been included in the final eleven. Even Maharoof would have provided the required support

* Ha! The difficult return catch that Fernando dropped. That was the turning point for Gilchrist and he pretty much broke loose right from the next ball

* ICC rules for playing a world cup final – May be the game organizers should frame rules so that a proper 50 a side game can be played for the final. I agree weather conditions cannot be controlled….but it is never a fair end to a world cup if the game is decided based on D/L method, or reduced overs

In all fairness, the Aussies did give a fair chance to the Lankans..

Cheers mates! Light or Dark – you are the champions!

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Late Blossom

For once, I may have been OK with a mad leftist shedding a load of bullets or at least one, on John McCain — NOT for his total lack of any kind of showmanship, BUT for being a hard-ass Republican who stuck to his old school beliefs even in front of an audience who was clearly not on his side last night when he appeared on ‘The Daily Show’.
I enjoy watching Jon Stewart but last night changed it all. I actually respect him now as a talk show host — If I thought Dave Letterman was the king of popular late night talk shows, then Jon proved he clearly belongs to a newer generation, thereby proving he is a king in his own right.

Guess, I have blossomed late when it comes to late night talk shows!

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Shameful shooting

There probably is no safe place – If a small university town, away from all the real-world craziness & devoid of urbane pollution, cannot guarantee a psychotic killer with free access to guns in a country that prides on its free-gun-values, from going on a shooting rampage right in the middle of a class room, where professors and students die – all alike, dropping their heavy, lifeless bodies, with no time to think about families & loved ones before dying, then there really is none — no safe place, for ordinary people who want to live.

Time for a reality check (again) on the gun-control issue perhaps? Well..I am sure the Charlton Heston likes will be the first ones to jump on top of times like these to build a self-defending wall around their industry. And their powerful lobbying will continue to pound the Washington interests and before you & I can blink, the issue will get another twist and soon, it will be yet another forgotten tragedy like Columbine.

The same mentally deranged Asian male could have gone berserk on the same day for the same reason — no gun control could have prevented that — but..but..but…if buying a 9mm pistol was not as easy as buying a pack of gum for this student, then….in my simple mind, 32 more learned men could still be walking tall in the Blacksburg campus and their families could still be getting ready for their Summer breaks .

Shame on us. Shame on us for letting these familes suffer.

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Hiking in Egypt

The city is vibrant – more than I had ever imagined. The city is diverse – more than I had even seen in movies and television shows. It is cold at nights to the point of slight discomfort. May be, winter in this part of the country sets in late. Yet, to be in a place which is forty degrees warmer than Detroit, is handsomely welcome. I had spent a few months working in New York city. About six years later, I have a few weeks to experience some west coast culture as I get to work in LA – where everything is about glitz and glamour. I have traveled to the west coast at least once a year – mostly for pleasure, but never had been to LA. I can see the most familiar “Hollywood” sign through my window at work. It looks reclusive – could be the distance. Most of the days that I had been here, there is smog everywhere – the visibility level is probably 2 miles. Not that it matters for someone who does not have to worry about driving.

The terminal where I am to board my flight is old – rickety – poorly designed – but serves the purpose, nevertheless. As I sit here and “people watch” in the gate area, I just can’t help but to wonder how is it that so many people travel between LA and Detroit every week – All the flights that I have taken both ways have been extremely packed. I feel like, my regular upgrade privilege in NWA has been robbed, as I normally end up getting a coach class seat – a downright harassment on a 5 hour flight, where one is left to squirm in a space that is ‘unsquirmable‘!

Recent reads –

“A walk in the Clouds” by Bill Bryson – The man with witty temper has his way with words & he made sure that the 870 mile stretch he hiked felt like 8700 miles to his readers. But a very real travel adventure story, very well told by this Iowa author – if you ever thought you would hike the AT one day, this book is sure to encourage you to do that. Here is a funny quote from this book..

Black bears rarely attack. But here’s the thing. Sometimes they do. All bears are agile, cunning and immensely strong, and they are always hungry. If they want to kill you and eat you, they can, and pretty much whenever they want. That doesn’t happen often, but – and here is the absolutely salient point – once would be enough.

“The Egyptologist” by Arthur Phillips
– I was not really sure what I had in hand, when I bought the book truly based on the summary on the cover. The setting quite intriguing, the fictional story quite realistic and the author’s knack to narrate a story set in a land about 100 years ago, with so much history clouding over the natives of the soil is worth commending, specially since he did it in an epistolary form (through a series of letters). The book is okay just for the concept – to me, it dragged at some point. But overall Phillips stuck to his imaginative “characterization” very well — throughout, constantly weaving them through some bitterly funny thread with sympathetic stitches sewn all over. If you are looking for some innovative writing on some complex themes, here you have another author to check out.