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Shameful shooting

There probably is no safe place – If a small university town, away from all the real-world craziness & devoid of urbane pollution, cannot guarantee a psychotic killer with free access to guns in a country that prides on its free-gun-values, from going on a shooting rampage right in the middle of a class room, where professors and students die – all alike, dropping their heavy, lifeless bodies, with no time to think about families & loved ones before dying, then there really is none — no safe place, for ordinary people who want to live.

Time for a reality check (again) on the gun-control issue perhaps? Well..I am sure the Charlton Heston likes will be the first ones to jump on top of times like these to build a self-defending wall around their industry. And their powerful lobbying will continue to pound the Washington interests and before you & I can blink, the issue will get another twist and soon, it will be yet another forgotten tragedy like Columbine.

The same mentally deranged Asian male could have gone berserk on the same day for the same reason — no gun control could have prevented that — but..but..but…if buying a 9mm pistol was not as easy as buying a pack of gum for this student, then….in my simple mind, 32 more learned men could still be walking tall in the Blacksburg campus and their families could still be getting ready for their Summer breaks .

Shame on us. Shame on us for letting these familes suffer.