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Champions in Darkness

It was a clinical execution. I hated it and I admit it. I bet the Lankans hated it as much too. But none of that hatred should have smudged the glory & reverence the Aussies deserved at that moment, the way the umpires did on April 28, Kensington Oval, Bridgetown, Barbados. In a way, it was a fitting final to remind everyone how much this world cup was marred by poor administration and bad planning.

There is a clear chasm, wide enough to drown all the 15 other cricket playing nations, between the Australians and the rest that exists– the way this Australian cricket team played. Sri Lanka was the close second in terms of putting up any kind of fight against the mighty kangaroos.

Not that any of the following would have contributed to Sri Lanka beating Australia comfortably….but would have had some influence over the result:

* Fernando should not have been included in the final eleven. Even Maharoof would have provided the required support

* Ha! The difficult return catch that Fernando dropped. That was the turning point for Gilchrist and he pretty much broke loose right from the next ball

* ICC rules for playing a world cup final – May be the game organizers should frame rules so that a proper 50 a side game can be played for the final. I agree weather conditions cannot be controlled….but it is never a fair end to a world cup if the game is decided based on D/L method, or reduced overs

In all fairness, the Aussies did give a fair chance to the Lankans..

Cheers mates! Light or Dark – you are the champions!