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Wandering Spirit

Stilted buildings and unclenched vision. The cars are moving in both directions of the stationary roads. There is a solitary man ambling across a bridge that connects one monotonous commercial building with another. The trees are waving as much as they can, grateful to the gentle breeze that is caressing them. Some of them can’t wave at all – the bark heavy types. But those who can, seem gleeful. The birds that came out today are glad they did. Restful and larkingly vigilant, some of the birds are clearly aimless as they fly from one window to another – to vainly peck on glass panes. The air could have been cleaner and less smoggy. Else, I could see the mountain through the window. I see a couple floating in a swimming pool, far away, as it seems to me, having their share of fun in the sun. There are more cars now on one side of the road. Telephones ringing and people sneezing. There are people who laugh as if they have just learned how to laugh. I know, they can’t laugh and sneeze at the same time. Popcorn is in the microwave oven and the crusty odor that emanates from the kernels, slowly spreads through the flimsy cubicle walls and within seconds, it fills the entire air above me with the crispiness of its raw unruffled skin and its swollen puffiness.

Someone needs someone else’s help. And so we all do. There is always someone who needs someone else’s help at any given point of time. If you freeze the time, at that moment – at that frozen moment, I am positive there are thousands and thousands of us who are in the middle of helping others.

The chillness in the air can never be felt today. Not till it is late in the evening. For I am bound indoors till the warmth and nicety of the daylight is robbed for the serene splendor of what the moon and stars can bring at night. Hence, my rambunctious spirit wanders through the spectrum of this moment that passes in front of me and is trying to make some sense out of it. Or does it not?