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Things don’t change in sixty years

It has been a hectic two weeks. Apart from beefing up my AR Rahman collection in my iPod and trying to get through Bill Bryson’s Sun Burned Country, I cannot really recount anything productive that trickled out of the cerebral part of my mind. If not anything, I felt bad that I did not get to spend much time with my son who probably was looking forward to the usual goofing around with his dad. I am sure things will slow down in the next couple of weeks again.

Ooh La La – This is probably the best talent hunt program I have ever seen either in Indian or any other TV channels. Even though a lot can be said about the hosts as well as the voice overs, etc. the cause of the contest is extremely commendable. The kind of teaming spirit and bonding this contest brings out is simply amazing. Once again, Rahman has been a trend setter!

The Indian batsmen finally got around to seasoning their willows in the English summer (including Kumble) leaving a little bit too less for their cherry wielders who couldn’t clean up the English tail on the last day. But overall, I am sure they did decent.

The country couldn’t reelect AJ Kalam and what a sham it turned out to be. The lady who got Congress’s backing has a name that will soon become obsolete even when she is in power and totally erased from history soon after. It is a pity that the whole Presidential election is rigged beyond any kind of imagination of even an extremely corrupt Indian citizen.

Sixty years and the congress party is still in power with the same family orchestrating all the power games in New Delhi. Somethings never change even after sixty years.

Happy Independence Day!

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Filler nibblets

  • Watched “The Order of the Phoenix” recently – a very good movie if you follow the story and know the context. Not so, if this is your first Harry Potter movie..Thought the emotional bridge between some key characters were missing – but again, if you know the story, then it becomes implicit. I agree it is a challenge. But I personally would have preferred a 3 hour movie (instead of 2:18) giving more reels for the director to nibble with…
  • I don’t know why I am writing about Gordon Brown – but it turns out that he is playing it safe for now, when it comes to maintaining the “sucking up to the US” policy. Shamefully unglamorous and quite stooping…
  • Bridges of the Country – It was last Wednesday and I heard the news on CNN – shock, lumps of sorrow and plain sympathy – those were all my emotions. I saw the two adopted Colombian daughters of the 60 year old mom, who was driving home early from work to help the daughters with the graduation party preparations, the evening before they confirmed her death. Hope in Despair – Alas!
  • Test cricket – Didn’t quite follow the jelly bean incident till after the test match was over. I am glad the Indian boys are not taking such profane handling by white cricketers with their faces down – in fact, they are trying to give back in some sorts…
  • Summer – It is August already and this only means, in the polar regions of Michigan, we have got about one more month of good summer weather…Hmm..What is plan B?