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Thavil Asarudhu

One thing that enthralls me consistently is the amazing & uncanny ability of AR Rahman to churn out folk tunes. The ease with which he can make a simple tune (most folk tunes, in my mind have a catchy 4 or 5 note string that forms the soul of the song)..sound addictive shows how much he understands the texture of folk songs. There are several examples for this but the case in point for this post is “Azhagiya Thamizh Magan”. I don’t care if the song has a “Kummi Adi” feel to it, but the “Madhuraikku” song highlights “Thavil” all the way. Just compare the same Thavil pattern that has been used in several Ilayaraja songs as well (example: Nethiyilae Pottu vayyi from Virumandi)…Even if I am not biased towards Rahman, the stark contrast between the way Rahman brings the heart of Thavil out and the more monotonous way his forerunenrs adapted, is astounding. I mean, you just want to keep listening to the Thavil sound again and again. Asarudhu, Asarudhu is the soul phrase of this folk song. I love it.

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Weekend was lot of fun – Typical fall weather. Damp streets and dry leaves in the yard. Slept well but was able to finish my first real song using Protools. I think I finally got over my one year apprehension of using this software – as I was used to Cubase for a while.
Anyways, at the cost of sounding a little too brood, here is my attempt to do a 1960s style Tamil song. Pardon my vocals.

Here is my song…″

Brickbats and Bouquets welcome!

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Nobel Peace Prize

The Nobel foundation’s decisions and choices have always been debated & been looked at contrivedly. More so when the category is “Peace”. Unlike some of the more quantifiable (yet hard to compare and to pronounce the relative supremacy of one scientific invention over another) categories, the Nobel Peace prize winner is determined based on an individual’s or a group’s actions and words. There comes layers of discernment with it.

Al Gore may not have been the best choice for Peace prize this year – but no one is a perfect winner in this category in any year. So let us be honest and congratulate the team – Gore and the UN panel deserved every bit if it for getting the word out there. There is always shouts of disappointment and lobbying. But hey, I am not complaining this year. Gore deserved this as much as any other climate activist. It is just that, with the popular personal behind him, Gore had the opportunity to preach what he believed in and he actually did that. So salutes to one of the few Democrats I adore.
Well..I don’t think he is going to jump into the presidential campaign based on the perceived image boost he could get with the Nobel prize.

Talking about climate changes – what do the global warming deniers have got to say about the 80 degree weather in mid-October in the northern parts of the USA?

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Action packed night

“The Bourne Ultimatum” was actually a very well made action thriller. Made much more impact on my second try – I made a promise to my wife that whenever she was ready to watch it in theatres, I would go with her and I did. If James Bond is the benchmark for all spy movies that make you sit on your seat edges, racing your pulses as you watch the nail biting car chases, et al — then Jason Bourne definitely just makes Bond look like a weakling or pussy! Kudos to Matt Damon for pulling this role off so effortlessly. The Tanjier chase and the London Waterloo chases are point in case on how this movie has brought back the whole genre of action movies back to its simple roots – “on land and no gizmos”.

While on action heroes and the likes, “Dasavatharam” promises to be a good thriller notwithstanding the hype around 10 roles that Kamal is donning. I personally am looking forward to the movie not because of that factor but more because of what has been circulated in the media as the general plot of the story which spans time periods.

For now though, I have got an action packed night ahead of me – What else but work?