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Thavil Asarudhu

One thing that enthralls me consistently is the amazing & uncanny ability of AR Rahman to churn out folk tunes. The ease with which he can make a simple tune (most folk tunes, in my mind have a catchy 4 or 5 note string that forms the soul of the song)..sound addictive shows how much he understands the texture of folk songs. There are several examples for this but the case in point for this post is “Azhagiya Thamizh Magan”. I don’t care if the song has a “Kummi Adi” feel to it, but the “Madhuraikku” song highlights “Thavil” all the way. Just compare the same Thavil pattern that has been used in several Ilayaraja songs as well (example: Nethiyilae Pottu vayyi from Virumandi)…Even if I am not biased towards Rahman, the stark contrast between the way Rahman brings the heart of Thavil out and the more monotonous way his forerunenrs adapted, is astounding. I mean, you just want to keep listening to the Thavil sound again and again. Asarudhu, Asarudhu is the soul phrase of this folk song. I love it.