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Of spices, custard apples, roots and the feeling of home

Yeah. I have escaped the blogsphere for a while — With so much going on, what with a major shift in my career (leaving a comfy job for a bumpy entrepreneurial kick), a 3 week India trip and all that! But, I am still here in India – under the confines of my brother’s Thiruvanmiyur abode as I type this.

The trip itself has been hectic, crazy and amazingly flavorful.
Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Tirunelveli, East Godavari district in AP, Hyderabad, Chennai, Hyderabad.. – That’s been our schedule.

It is always a rude shock the first day we land in India, in spite of the fact that we have been visiting India almost once a year. But quickly and surprisingly, I get over it in 2 days and I am at ease with the traffic, dust and everything else that makes this place what it truly is.
Hyderabad seems to have gone to the hands of some nitiwits and incompetent simpletons as far as infrastructure goes. “Awful” – to put it simply.
Bangalore seems to have found a way to stop the deterioration of its infrastructure even though they have more work to do to improve it…from here.
Chennai impressed me the most. May be, I had an opportunity to spend more time this trip around, compared to my usual one day stop overs. The city just needs cleaning up and a big dehumidifier(!) 🙂

What can I say about the food? Drinking coconut water from the freshly cut tender ones right under the shades of the very coconut tree, from which the “pro” picked the coconuts, brought back some good memories. Custard apples, the spicy gobi 65 & chilly paneer(that we tried in many forms), biriyani and many more still linger fresh in my palette. We still have 4 more days to absorb enough experiences (and flavors) to take back to Detroit with us (so that we can keep talking about it till we make the next trip). My son has had so much fun so far, that he is going to throw a fit on the day we announce that we are leaving for the states.

Well..I am glad that I still can connect with my roots..


Besides fantasizing about being a Peter Gibbons at least for a couple of days at my work, I think I have a long way to go to realize some of the other fantasies. But like any ambitious man out there, I will get there! Note: All views expressed in this blog are mine alone and have got nothing to do with my company Cogent IBS, Inc., its employees or any of its affiliates.

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