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Views Round-up

** The parochial reactions to this 50 something teacher, who meant no harm to any religion in particular and a very similar outburst by Hindu Munnani, to an unintentional innocent act by Kushboo, are unfortunate and repugnant acts in today’s increasingly fanatical socio-political scenario. To make a judgment call on these is pretty easy if you are very objective about it. But if you are not, how can you see where the central point of view is?

** The ’08 US presidential elections seem long over – but the fact is, they are just getting started. What do they know about voter fatigue? The candidate fray on either side looks like a mini flea market. I am not as enthused about it as I was with the past 2 elections. May be I know better now, as to what I can expect of American politicians. And hence, the line-up on both sides to me look too artificial and their views look absolutely made up.

** I did pick up a few CDs and DVDs in Chennai and Hyderabad. The landmark store in the “Chennai City Center” needs a little bit of staff help, to arrange their CD and DVD collection in a categorical way. Nevertheless, their collection was decent with one complaint – There wasn’t much of what I call “Old music” collection.