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Roll over that judgement

A wintry morning, freezing rain, near death visibility and a car that wouldn’t be my first choice to drive under these conditions – all these were behind me, as I drove to work this morning. And I got to admit, I listened to one of the most disgusting & “unacceptable” news items in the recent past..

I cannot fathom and muster any kind of irrational courage, to even try to get on the same plane as this woman jude’s plane of thinking. How can a 10 year old girl, race and traditional values inconsequential here, agree to a gang rape? Let us say, the girl actually said yes – common you horny old men, let’s do you actually consider that consensual? That too, In this day and age..?
Clearly white Australia lives in a different era and still that is not an excuse. Isn’t what they have done to the aboriginal race enough already?
What kind of gene makes one a racist? Or is it simply how one is honed to think??
You can read a version of this news item here.

At least the political white Australia has condemned the judgement, if it is any consolation. The new prime minister, whoever it is, has come out and said he felt disgusted too. Great! The prosecutor is not happy that he couldn’t win his case – well..may be, he is also an apologetic white Australian. Now, as I googled through Aboriginal rape, I found a whole disk load of news items talking about the prevailing lenient laws, particularly when it comes to aborigines who are underaged – in true earthly terms. I saw another judgment passed 5 years ago acquitting an old man for raping a 5 year old girl (for ozzies’ sake, 5 years…!!) and calling it a tradition. The agenda to slowly wipe out a race is still in the forefront of many Queenslanders’ political & social outlook, from what I read here and there. And to think, we are in the 21st century where the world has come into terms with certain inhumane acts, is plain stupidity. I have never been to Australia and barring some pictures and video clips, I have not seen any aborigines. But that just makes me feel really strong about this issue and how the rest of the white Australia should bull doze over the north Queensland judge’s home and make her feel for the rest of her life for what she had done. And to the say debate will continue, is not healthy – the debate should end right now and the prime minister of Australia, whoever it is, should weild his statesmanship power to pass a ruling that wouldn’t give exemptions to anyone – be it a blonde Victorian beach volleyball-ist or be it a north Queenslander, who lives in a remote village with no access to modernity.

Roll over the judgement Australia..Will you?