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Pak tragedy…

I was as shocked today, as I was when I heard about Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination about 16 years ago. The similarities are plenty.
Indira Gandhi was assassinated and then it was Rajiv Gandhi..
Zulfiquar Bhutto was hung to death and then it was Benazir Bhutto today..
Both Rajiv and Benazir were campaigning for elections incidentally. Trying to get back to power..
And incidentally, in both cases, I was told about the tragedy (as opposed to me catching it on TV or newspaper myself) — it was my cousin who woke me up on May 21, 1991 to let me know and today, it was my wife who called me and let me know.

So are the fundamentalists gradually taking over democracy? Well even though the merits and demerits of Mushariff’s reign can be debated for days, he stepping out of his military uniform proved that it is going to be an arduous and a long path for Pakistan to get anywhere close to what we refer to democracy.

I am just worried about the bloody repercussions that this killing may bring to the region.

My heart goes out to the moderate Pakistanis who were and hopefully will continue to pin their hopes on a more moderate future for Pakistan.