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Gutsy move

No matter what really happened between Bhajji and Symonds – Suspending the tour is the best decision made by BCCI in recent times. Just bring the team home! Australians may be playing great cricket – unbeatable cricket. But they are clearly playing a game of disgrace. I don’t care about the Sydney test results. Why is Ricky Ponting finding it difficult to handle reverse sledging on field? Why is it termed “racism” all of a sudden? What happened to 50 years of Australians playing the game that way? Indian and Sri Lankan players have been at the mercy of Australian sledging all these years – Has is not been racism? Absolutely, yes – now that we know how the ozzies like to refer to it.

Now, why is it difficult to handle abuses on field by the so-called “tough Ozzies”..? Is it because of the fact that the Indians have learnt the art of fighting back by saying a thing or two on the field and not just let go off the slurs…?
ICC should take a look at racism with an objective pair of lens and not just when the Asian cricket teams fight back against the white counterparts.

As for how the crowd reacted in Mumbai and a few other venues when Symonds was in India – yes it was bad..not acceptable. But again, these are 2 different issues – the crowd behavior and the player behavior. I hope BCCI does not compromise and just decides to bring the team home.
Kumble deserves a lot of respect for being so mature and gritty..specially his comment at the post match conference – “Only one team was playing with the spirit of the game. That’s all I can say…(you know who it is!)”
Awesome Anil Bhai!

As a side note, BCCI should also insist on an umpiring panel that they agree to, if they ever have to go to Australia again. We all know what happened at Sydney.


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