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Second Amendment

1999 – Columbine High School
2006 – Amish School
2007 – Virginia Tech
2007 – Nebraska Mall
2007 – Wisconsin private home
2007 – Pennsylvania home
2007 – Some Washington state private home
2008 – Northern Illinois University
2008 – Illinois Mall
2008 – Memphis school(s)
2008 – Las Vegas school(s)

A few Dick Cheney incidents….

(**That’s just a few US gun violence incidents I could pull off from the top of my head**)

Why is this whole gun control issue not a simple black and white issue to the others? Or am I just wrong in viewing this simplistically?
And most annoyingly, I hear none of the Presidential candidates talking about this issue, including Obama.

Can someone present a different perspective (other than the usual arguments around the mostly misinterpreted “Second Amendment”)?