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The other side is watching..

The art of plagiarizing movie story lines, scene settings, camera angles, facial expressions and even dialogue translations from a non-Indian language (read it as Hollywood) and creating a movie that is thus so unoriginal, as something original & creative, has been practiced in India for 75 years – or as long as Indian movie industry has been alive. Well, that probably would have been ok if the due credits had been given to the original creators.

And may be finally, the art will take a beating for what it’s worth. I read about a recent NPR marketplace story which saw under the hoods of this nasty practice that has become so commonly accepted in the industry (mostly in Bollywood). This just shows that someone is finally taking notice.
But again, will the likes of Sony Pictures and other Hollywood production houses getting into the Indian market and the economics around their business, impact them taking any IPR action against these copy cats? The hope is that this awareness will eventually discourage all these copycats to stay away from illegal plagiarizing. For better or for worse, we can expect some some changes in the Indian movie scene.
When it comes to the music scene, an one man army called Karthik, has managed to stir the hornet’s nest, the right way and in a very healthy way. The fact that his website gets a mention in NPR is noteworthy and certainly he deserves all the credit he can get. Again, such forums will only eventually force the Pritams of Bollywood, to stay locked inside their studios, till they hit a few original notes on their own and string them together.
The other side is finally waking up and has begun watching…!