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Far Away

“At least then, we were under one command. Now, we are being controlled by several commands. Everyone wants to go after each’s not good at all”..

This is really not an anti-war sentiment or a statement. I think it comes out of this individual’s heart truthfully and it reflects the ground reality in Iraq, clearer and truer than what Bush and McCain would like to project.

“The surge is working”!

May I ask, what is the definition of working? Did you read about the sudden convergence of troops in Basra where more than 80% of Iraq’a oil wealth is? You know why?? Because there is continuing and increasing violence there the past few days.

4000 US troops’ and probably 400,000 Iraqi lives have been displaced. Can you argue that this 4000 is more precious than that 400,000? Sweden alone has more than 20,000 war refugees from Iraq..and they are trying to block more from entering the country.
The real surprise for me though is that there is still some nincompoop & utterly ignorant American public, that buys the sales pitches of the Bush/Cheney/McCain government.

Five years, $5000/second war cost, 4000 US troops, 400000 Iraqi lives, Shattered country and insurgency boiling point!!

I tried to speak to the unknown Iraqi out there, through this song..In some ways, you can call it “Part 2” of “Dream On“, which I wrote in 2003 after the invasion.

I am calling it “Far Away”..″

Here are the words..

Far Away..Far away…Your dreams are..
So far Away..Your hopes are..
In a frightful moment, the stage is twisted..
Agonizing days and weeks and months to follow..
Far away..

Who is helping you my friend?
We aren’t – we know we want to..
Empty bombshells and burning wells around you..
Empty bottles and glowing pride around me..

Wish I had the courage..
I wish I had it to salvage your life..

So Far away..

All the things you have lost..
There just isn’t a way I can pay off..
All the things you have lost..
There just isn’t a way I can pay you..
Call me for any help..
There just isn’t a way I can assure you…

So far away..