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sImPLy cricket

When IPL was commissioned, I have to admit that I was one of its skeptics. Even now, I believe that the game has been commercialized like American franchise sports..But overall, by following the series online, I now have to admit that the organizers have done a pretty decent job of getting the game this far. The coverage has been excellent and most importantly, all players have been very sportive..(well barring Bhajji who slapped Sreesanth). What could have made this series more effective is to guarantee players for the entire series. Chennai Super Kings’ invincibility was charred after 5 games, when Hayden and Hussey flew back home. Anyways, I am glad that the Knight Riders have been made to bite the dust. I feel this way only because of SRK. And talking about biting and SRK, did you read the brave one that Aamir pulled on SRK? Ha..Ha…

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Seeding Fear – The mean game of you know who

Finally, even the straight talk express has folded in. Of course, it was just a matter of time before the Mccain colors faded away in the election rains. Other than the faint trickles of the democratic primaries, where it is just a matter of shattering someone’s hopes of living in a state of denial, the season is all but general election geared. So, here we have a president who is visiting a foreign country (Israel), right in the middle of a conflict region, filled with highly sensitive regimes and terrorist groups and addressing the media with irresponsible comments, whining about “appeasement” (and indirectly hinting at the consequences to the American people which are nothing but fear alluding), that were as explicit as the perpetual dubya factor in the white house during the last 8 years. Karl Rove has been out in public more than he ever did during the last 15 years, because he fears a Republican loss and has been quite pathetically seeking everyone’s attention by bringing out issues that are of utter importance to this country’s socio-economical future, such as lapel pins and church pastors. And guess what, there is more than 50% of the electoral population in this country that believes that these are indeed matters of utter importance.

5 more months of inflated fear and bitter complaining – all with a hope to potentially sink the nation’s foreign policies in an ocean filled by the “axis of evil”. The mean game of the honorable American political system will resonate on the front pages, while the victims of “Nargis” and Sichuan province will also have resonating stories that are manipulated by their respective government agencies. Even though the extent and the dimension of these tragedies are entirely different and incomparable, the fact of the matter is, there are politicians all around the world, who have understood the art of planting fear in ordinary people’s minds, for they know it ensures that they can hold onto their power.

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Went on a Cocaine trip

Well…not exactly as it sounds like. But the month of April turned out real busy with some great business opportunities and a few conferences. I also am back on the road, every week, at least for a few more weeks. I am glad I will be into some kind of a routine beginning tomorrow, albeit, still traveling.

One of the perks that you get, when you attend conferences is that, you get to eat gourmet meal (and that too non-stop)..and get to witness some interesting entertainment events – these, aside from the many contacts you make for business.

I had two interesting evening events, that I cherished in the past 2 weeks. One was a “Hypnosis” show and the other one was watching a legend called Eric Clapton live. I could have wished for Eric to have chosen more songs from his rock & roll repertoire, than what he ended up doing..But there were no two ways about, how everyone thought his guitar skills are — even at this age. The whole show was like listening to a CD “Eric Clapton Live, for there were no interruptions and interactions. And everything flowed, smoothly from start to finish. Needless to say, Cocaine was the song that got everyone off their feet – but he had reserved it for the end. For me, the conference was fruitful just for this concert alone – although my colleagues will grudgingly agree with me!!