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Axiom for future

Happened to watch Wall-E with no expectations – It is a Pixar movie and in the back of my mind, I knew it had to be entertaining – at minimum. Boy! was I glad..

The concept and to create an imaginary future with an imaginary galaxy with all the other stuff – sometimes, you feel inferior to be living with the creative geniuses like those who were involved with creating this picture. After a while, you forget you are watching an animation fair and that too involving lifeless machines and robots. Soon you actually get involved with the love story between “Wall-e” and “Eva” and start rooting for the successful return of humans to the Earth from Axiom…and…it all ends well.
Andrew Stanton has some environmental message too – cleverly interleaved with the whole narration. In the end, the movie is brilliantly entertaining and a tad enlightening….Watch it if you can!