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Grilling Weekend…

The weekend tennis that was planned never happened..
Watched “Sillunnu Oru Kadhal” – pretty ok stuff for what I had anticipated….
Hmmm..Did I also mention that I finally ditched Sprint (after almost 10 years) and joined the iPhone bandwagon? Love it!…

Weekend Grilling was adventurous as it involved some bad planning – The worst thing that can happen to you before you start the grilling process happened this past Sunday to me.. – Veggies, Skewers, Veggie dogs and sausages, condiments were all laid out and even the temporary patio furniture was laid out…everyone was ready to pounce on their food. And that’s when I realized I was out of Propane.
7:20 PM – The neighborhood hardware store that refills cylinders was already closed and so was everyone else that I could think of at that point of time, as it was Sunday.
Finally – I go to Home Depot – 2 minutes before they close, grab a cylinder in a quick second – as stupid as I can be – not realizing that they don’t sell filled cylinders inside..and paid for it and drove home in a hurry.
10 minutes later (8:30 PM) – I knew what they mean by thinking through knees when under presssure….
We had to finally give up on our full-fledged grilling venture. Instead, we resorted to the mean & lazy gimmick of using a small Electric grill as everything was already laid out and there was no going back to the kitchen to start from scratch.
By 9:40, we were done.

Sort of a lame grilling venture that certainly could have gone better with proper planning!