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Drilling in the Arctic

Following the candidates and their presidential campaigns are fascinating acts indeed – but in this day and age, I think we get an overdose of the same, because of the multitude of 24 hour news channels and of course, internet. Bloggers like “your truly” add to the congestion there. And with this campaign, it’s no different. The Obama factor is most certainly the fluff and the only factor that keeps this election attractive in spite of all of the above factors.

I can’t understand why more than 60% in this country thinks offshore drilling is a good idea…and does anyone understand that with the magnitude of oil addiction this country has, what comes out of the Alaskan coast may not even be enough for a couple of years? Well, figuratively speaking…

People of the country – Don’t panic and make an erroneous judgement (not even when your 800 year old war veteran and an American hero, who has been in the senate for 250 years & is running for President, tells you it is good)!
Dubya can do that as he is beyond that kind of stuff.


Besides fantasizing about being a Peter Gibbons at least for a couple of days at my work, I think I have a long way to go to realize some of the other fantasies. But like any ambitious man out there, I will get there! Note: All views expressed in this blog are mine alone and have got nothing to do with my company Cogent IBS, Inc., its employees or any of its affiliates.

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