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Cycling, Charlie Wilson, Chennai 28

Have been seriously looking at buying a better bike. I have an old fashioned bike, which has done its part over the last 9 years and is ready to give up. May be I can tune it and still use it. The consumer in me tells that I should just take it to either Craigslist or Salvation Army and look for a fancier one. In the market now for a good bike. For now it is purely selfish – but I am truly considering using it for any 1-2 mile errand rides, thus adding more green points in my kitty.

Charlie Wilson’s War could have been better. Well, Tom Hanks was there and so was Julia Roberts but I thought Philip Seymour Hoffman did a fantastic job. The movie on the whole was so incomplete. Watch it in DVD only when you have run out of other ‘not-yet-watched’ movie options.

Chennai 28 – second time on a better quality DVD was still watchable. Looking back, although the movie had some loose ends, I thought it was a daring attempt…The movie was true to its genre and Venkat Prabhu deserves a pat for sticking to his guns or should I say bats? – so to speak.