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Striking the wrong chord..

The idea of having to collect my thoughts together to present something cohesive – suddenly seems a little strange because I have been relying heavily on my iPhone SMS features to send instantaneous updates. The past week has been a bit of a roller coaster ride for the family as one close family member has been diagnosed with a terminal disease – although he is from my wife’s side, the impact is felt quite badly for several reasons. It is one of these situations when you realize how quickly things can change in one’s life and how suddenly, everything you plan for becomes almost irrelevant when such events hit you hard. The person, the patient in this case, his family members and extended family members have all to have to go through this stress and there is no easy way out of this. For me, it does not matter how this will end and what it will lead to, but the bottom line of human lives has been well underlined. Don’t take anything for granted…!

I learned yesterday that Niles, Ohio is the birthplace of President McKinley…and it is actually not a small town as I had expected it to be. The drive through the industrial towns of mid-western America is pleasing, when you are looking at the greenery alone and actually not so pleasing when you are looking at the shut down factories, run-down plants & houses that resemble shacks with the structures ready to fall down. Depressing may be the right word for that feeling you get – The families and the children in their back yards (smiling and playing, absolutely unaware of the economic recession) struggle through these difficult times. And in spite of all these, what puzzles me the most is the total ignorance of this so called blue-collared America that is mostly white, about what McCain actually can do and cannot do. Total ignorance of what Republican party stands for and why they are no longer a national party but a regionalistic (Southern) & segmented, party that caters to only one segment of the American demographics. This is the population that will always be proud of what wars they won 100 years ago and never think of what that means today & where and how that past history will take us tomorrow. This is the population that will put a war hero from 40 years ago on the presidential pedestal, yet think that anyone else who wishes to challenge that person’s position on the pedestal as an act of traitor.

Any way – Any how – I hope it is not Mr.800 year old this November! Else, it will not be music to anyone’s ears…