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The not so perky Wall St.

Surprisingly for an Autumn, things have been relatively on the perkier side in this part of the world – The grass is still green, the birds do chirp quite gleefully all day and I can still get my 2 mile run (if I want to). When it comes to the state of affairs in the Wall Street, things are anything but perky. Short-term borrowing, Short selling, Troubled assets, Meltdown, Calamity, Disaster, etc. have all been terms thrown around on political stages, which I bet with a hundred dollar bill on my nose on a windy day, that none of these guys on the political stage has any clue what they are talking about.

One is trying to become a hero by suspending his presidential campaign and calling for a debate postponement. If the American people buy that argument and think because of these gestures, he – the 800 year old Republican can become the next president, then the land is no longer of hope.

Anyways, Lots of music to be added to the stream at my end – Other than the ones I am already eyeing for like Cretu’s new creation, Mettalica’s new album, MIA’s Kala and last but not the least, AR Rahman’s first private album (Connections) since Vande Mataram of 1997, Vaaranam Ayiram is also in the list. It is out – Don’t expect too much from it – certainly expect what is now a routine from a Gautham-Harris stable. My new studio is pretty exciting as well – am trying to do more at a relatively quicker pace compared to my old one..and to think, I still have a 2000 page manual to go through in order to master this whole thing is scary. On second thoughts, I am not a “manual” guy anyway..!

Watched TZP recently again – Some scenes were brilliant even if you watch them for the 100th time..You just can’t stop applauding the script writer and the director.

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7 Years

Seven years ago…
A few minutes from now…I would learn about the moment that would change the general outlook of every single citizen of this world, on the times we are living in. In my lifetime this far, it was the single most devastating event that shook off the world and made a lot of us – moderates and extremists alike, think “why..and why”!

At that moment though, seven years ago when I learned about a Plane hitting WTC, like many of us, I had no idea about the far reaching impact of that cowardly act. It was pandemonium at my work place that chilly September morning and everyone was trying to get hold of their sources to get more information. The entire morning was sombre, needless to say. The rest of the week at work was even more confusing for all of us who were from out of town and had to find ways to get home..But we knew that confusion and the pain of not getting home on time was nothing in comparison to the pain that was inflicted on those family members, of those who just wouldn’t get home for ever.

Today is a chilling reminder of that day and the cloud that cowardly act has covered us with. The memorial services are just the bare minimum human gestures that we can offer. But does it mean anything to the victims’ families? And to think, that someone out there could try to get some political wind out of it, is repugnant.

For now though, my heart goes out to those who never would make it home and their families!

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The Master and (the) Traitor

When the blue USTA courts in Flushing Meadows were being dried Monday morning, I am sure the officials were a little concerned if the breezy morning would end up wet, thus spoiling the crowd from getting into the Arthur Ashe stadium. But the crowd got in alright that evening and was truly mesmerized by one man – The Master of this amazing game called tennis – in the last 30 years or so.

I have been fanatical about my tennis heroes, as long as I have followed the game – the first time I was so passionate about a player, it was for Boris Becker – the white ‘eye-browed’ Aryan from Germany. I may have been infatuated by his unconventional style of sheer athleticism and on-court boyish antics. And when he conquered the strawberry-cream eating British fans’ hearts, he was just 17. There have been many other players that I have followed over the years, liked and wanted to win. Connors, Edberg, Wilander, Sampras, Agassi after the comeback, Pat Cash for the first few years, etc. on the men’s side. But after Becker, I feel the same fanaticism for the Master now. While on the women’s side, Steffi Graf has been my only passionate tennis queen – although Chris Evert, Seles after her comeback, Sanchez, Sharapova, Early Venus Williams, etc. have ignited my dreams of being out there and following the games & championship tournaments.

So, when Andy Murray’s girl friend, Kim Sears (pretty good looking I should say), took seats with his mom and his whole entourage (funnily his favorite TV show is Entourage), they would not have expected the “Roasted” feast that the Master would serve to their man. What a match it was !! Should I say, what an one-sided match it was! I was actually beginning to get a little concerned when the Master started fumbling on his forehand shots a little bit towards the end of the second set and again during the middle of the third set (after getting a 4-0 lead). I was worried because those were moments where flashes of his more humanly game in 2008 kept flickering in front my eyes and those were moments when the aura of invincibility that once haloed the man, looked punctured. But in the end, he won in a very human way – by throwing so many unforced errors, not the same kind of aces that he had in the semis and doing less serve&volleys than he would have liked to. I was relieved that he got his No. 13 and sure he is not going to stop there.

Watched “Traitor” over the weekend. As much as I liked the movie, it gave me a very Dejavu feel – seems like movies in this genre are the “in thing”..Of course, movies are reflection of our times and sure enough middle east setting, Islamic terrorism, Spy, CIA, etc..are all very Dejavu. But overall, full marks to Don and Guy..Amazing job! Don Cheadle has come a long way and he can pull off different shades of characters rather comfortably.

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Expose Palin

It may be less than 2 months for the big day here in the United States..but I wonder how long and how much it will take to expose the real Palin to the American public? Alright, read it as to the “not so much church fanatical” American public? Seriously, how hard is it to tell the difference between a Wasilla Mayor who lived her life on Pentecostalism and extreme right of oil rigs most of her life and someone who clearly brings some change to the table?

I can’t believe the country is actually looking up to Palin – what for? Because she is a mom? Just because one is a good dad or a mom or because one is a parent of 5 children or for that matter a parent of a kid with down’s syndrome, does not make that one to be fit to rule the country? If that is the case, imagine the competition..we will have every four years.
Limbaugh and his coterie till the other day, had no idea where Wasilla was and suddenly, they now have found their messiah from the North. This country just may get caught in dire straits, if the self-projected maverick GI Joe and Barbie team manages to win this race in November.

I am truly hoping that the next generation of voters, do come out in large numbers and change the table. Else, many loyal American citizens may seriously think of moving out of the country because under a Mccain-Palin administration, this country will become just alike any other religious extremism patronizing middle-east country – the difference being the actual religion that will be patronized here..!! (and race)..

55 days enough to expose Palin?

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Palin, Taxi and Nadal

It is one of those times of the year, specially in this digital news era, where constant bombardment of the same news from different perspectives is almost inevitable, I seldom get any ideas to post here other than American Presidential Politics. The Republican convention is under way and it is enough to say that it keeps my blood boiling. Truly, in all honesty, the Republicans – the all White, Gun Toting, Christian party is full of B**S** are resorting to the slam-bam method because it works invariably. Who the loose-end is Palin? Two weeks ago, 95% of the country had not heard of her and suddenly she is the toast of the Evangelics. Funny an says a lot about the bottom scrapping politics that McCain is playing. No one in the right mind – Read it as No woman in her right mind will think Palin is going to do any good for this country’s women. All she can do is cook you some Moose Steaks, Take your kids to hockey games and shoot a few games with you on your weekend get-away with her. Other than that..???

Thanks to my son, Taxi Taxi is playing non-stop in my car and everyone in the family is hooked on to it now. Amazing how the song was conceptualized and made so catchy. That’s where lies the difference between being a genius and being a wannabe.

US Open Tennis is underway and I really hope Federer gets this crown. I admire Nadal’s power tennis – but would rather prefer Federer’s elegance and style over powerful display of machine like tennis. Nadal may be having a great year but to stay long in this game and win many grand slams, power alone does not do much. That’s just my opinion.

Enuff already..Time to get back to work..!