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The not so perky Wall St.

Surprisingly for an Autumn, things have been relatively on the perkier side in this part of the world – The grass is still green, the birds do chirp quite gleefully all day and I can still get my 2 mile run (if I want to). When it comes to the state of affairs in the Wall Street, things are anything but perky. Short-term borrowing, Short selling, Troubled assets, Meltdown, Calamity, Disaster, etc. have all been terms thrown around on political stages, which I bet with a hundred dollar bill on my nose on a windy day, that none of these guys on the political stage has any clue what they are talking about.

One is trying to become a hero by suspending his presidential campaign and calling for a debate postponement. If the American people buy that argument and think because of these gestures, he – the 800 year old Republican can become the next president, then the land is no longer of hope.

Anyways, Lots of music to be added to the stream at my end – Other than the ones I am already eyeing for like Cretu’s new creation, Mettalica’s new album, MIA’s Kala and last but not the least, AR Rahman’s first private album (Connections) since Vande Mataram of 1997, Vaaranam Ayiram is also in the list. It is out – Don’t expect too much from it – certainly expect what is now a routine from a Gautham-Harris stable. My new studio is pretty exciting as well – am trying to do more at a relatively quicker pace compared to my old one..and to think, I still have a 2000 page manual to go through in order to master this whole thing is scary. On second thoughts, I am not a “manual” guy anyway..!

Watched TZP recently again – Some scenes were brilliant even if you watch them for the 100th time..You just can’t stop applauding the script writer and the director.