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Can my name be added to the list?

Palin likes to label her voters..Some she has used so far..

Joe the Plumber
Ed the Dairyman
Tito the Builder
Christine the Florist
Doug the Barber
Will the Teacher
Joe the Farmer
Vicky the Realtor
Cindy the Citizen
Rose the Teacher
Karina the Nurse
Clark the Cook
Jack the Hunter
Dave the Cop
Jeffrey the Hockey Player
Joe the Plumber’s Son

With 6 days to go, I am worried that we will lose all this humor once Palin becomes a VeeePee(!!) – Ha

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Ivory and Rahul Raj


The first officially sanctioned sale of ivory in southern Africa for almost a decade opened on Tuesday.
Namibia, Botswana, South Africa and Zimbabwe will auction more than 100 tonnes of ivory from stockpiles to buyers from China and Japan.
The money raised will go into elephant conservation projects.


I am totally against it even if statistics showed that after the last 1999 legal sale of ivory, illegal poaching came down..Yes. I am an environmentalist and I believe in stricter sanctions to be imposed on countries like China to have better controls.


Mumbai Police on Monday shot down a gun-toting youth from Bihar in a city bus after he fired indiscriminately and threatened to kill MNS chief Raj Thackeray, adding a new dimension to the violent campaign against migrant workers in Maharashtra. Additional Police Commissioner Sadanand Date said the youth was carrying an illegal weapon and had opened indiscriminate firing in a public place, and that he was killed in a police operation.


More follow up on this incident tells me that Raj Thackeray and his fanatical mob have created so much panic in the Maharashtrian minds that the Police would have killed Rahu Raj even if he had carried a Diwali dummy pistol with him. And this in a city, which will let real terrorists bomb their way to glory killing innocent citizens!
And I go back to my earlier outburst – This needs to be stopped right now – else the state of Maharashtra will become isolated..and terrorized..

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Back to Music

It has been a while (or never) since I posted something on just music. So here is my attempt to voice my musical opinion on some music that I have been following recently:

Yuuvraj – What can I say although I admit that it took me some time to understand the interleaving of the instruments used & the basic foundation on which the songs have been built on, before I could really call it another master stroke from AR. I am not claiming to understand all the nuances of all forms of music – but only someone with some basic musical knowledge will be able to appreciate the core strength and the core experimentation of this album. Be it a simple tune like “Mastam Mastam”, that has been so beautifully given a French Carnival feel in a Waltz tone, as the whole ambience shifts from being a backyard lilting melody to a tap dancing crowd in Scandinavia or the absolutely out of the world fusion in “Dil Ka Rishta” – where the style is like where Pandit Jugal Hans Raj meets Beethoven and they both present a Disney song…! I am running out of words to describe the melody that is everywhere in the album and the rich orchestration. I can’t pick between Manmohini and Dil Ka Rishta to decide which one would be my eventual favorite – The album is so rich that an absolute heart wrenching melody like “Zindagi” is the least experimental and has the simplest arrangement of all, if you really have to rate the album.

Weather Report – Yet to give this album a full chance. But I am late to find this – blame it on my recent soft corner for Jazz. A very experimental fusion album – Much advanced for its time. Yes. 20 years too advanced for 1977..

Kala – Imagine a little girl from a sleepy fishing village from the southern Sri Lankan coast hopping on to the US Bill Board charts through some rowdy music that actually has liberal use of Tamil folk rhythms in it. MIA, at first was a curiosity to me and then turned out to be someone who I like for her originality. Her RAP is very original and speaks a very different personal story than what an American Rapster’s story would. Heavy experimentation and very big on bringing original rhythm to her Rap which is not the kinds that we all have heard of in a typical hip-hop number. I bought her collection called “Kala” through iTunes and boy do I love it!

Oh! There is so much music to soak in….for now..

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By Sage Stossel..

I am not going to pass a judgement on this..but you all know the story right?
$150K for Palin’s wardrobe for 6 weeks?? I mean, even if McCain says that they are going to donate all that to Charity (yeah..Right!!), this and Joe-the-Plumber story don’t go well together.
Doesn’t take a Political strategist to figure that out…

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Pabo Bole

For some inexplicable reasons, I had this hunch that a scratch folk tune that I had composed a while ago, had to be a Bengali song – probably owe that hunch to my Bengali friend. I am glad that it finally got some shape (after 2 months)..this past weekend.

Ron is the singer and he wrote the lyrics as well. Comments are welcome..

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What language is she speaking?

If this is a question you have wondered yourself ask often in the recent past…you are not alone..
It is a safe assumption as to who the “She” is.

I am reproducing a NY Time article – The author is Maureen Dowd.


Pompom Palaver

There’s W.’s gummy grammar, of course, like the classic, “Is our children learning?” And covering the first Bush White House required doing simultaneous translation for a president who never met a personal pronoun he liked or a wacky non sequitur he could resist.

Poppy Bush drew comparisons to Warren G. Harding, whose prose reminded H. L. Mencken of “a string of wet sponges. … It is so bad that a sort of grandeur creeps into it.” When Harding died, E. E. Cummings lamented, “The only man, woman or child who wrote a simple declarative sentence with seven grammatical errors is dead.”

Being mush-mouthed helped give the patrician Bushes the common touch. As Alistair Cooke observed, “Americans seem to be more comfortable with Republican presidents because they share the common frailty of muddled syntax and because, when they attempt eloquence, they do tend to spout a kind of Frontier Baroque.”

Darn right. And that, doggone it, brings us to a shout-out for the latest virtuoso of Frontier Baroque, bless her heart, the governor of the Last Frontier. Her reward’s in heaven.

At Sarah Palin’s old church in Wasilla, they spoke in tongues. Maybe that’s where she picked it up.

Hillary Clinton and John McCain ran against Barack Obama by sneering that their prose was meatier than The One’s poetry. Sarah’s running against the Democrat’s highfalutin eloquence by speakin’ in homespun haikus.

We could, following her strenuously folksy debate performance, wonder when elite became a bad thing in America. Navy Seals are elite, and they get lots of training so they can swim underwater and invade a foreign country, but if you’re governing the country that dispatches the Seals, it’s not O.K. to be elite? Can likable still trump knowledgeable at such a vulnerable crossroads for the country?

Did Joe Biden have to rhetorically rush over to Home Depot before Sarah could once more brandish “a little bit of reality from Wasilla Main Street there brought to Washington, D.C.?”

With her pompom patois and sing-songy jingoism, Palin can bridge contradictory ideas that lead nowhere: One minute she promises to get “greater oversight” by government; the next, she lectures: “Government, you know, you’re not always a solution. In fact, too often you’re the problem.”

Talking at the debate about how she would “positively affect the impacts” of the climate change for which she’s loath to acknowledge human culpability, she did a dizzying verbal loop-de-loop: “With the impacts of climate change, what we can do about that, as governor, I was the first governor to form a climate change subcabinet to start dealing with the impacts.” That was, miraculously, richer with content than an answer she gave Katie Couric: “You know, there are man’s activities that can be contributed to the issues that we’re dealing with now, with these impacts.”

At another point, she channeled Alicia Silverstone debating in “Clueless,” asserting, “Nuclear weaponry, of course, would be the be-all, end-all of just too many people in too many parts of our planet.” (Mostly the end-all.)

A political jukebox, she drowned out Biden’s specifics, offering lifestyle as substance. “In the middle class of America, which is where Todd and I have been, you know, all our lives,” she said, making the middle class sound like it has its own ZIP code, superior to 90210 because “real” rules.

Sometimes, her sentences have a Yoda-like — “When 900 years old you reach, look as good you will not” — splendor. When she was asked by Couric if she’d ever negotiated with the Russians, the governor replied that when Putin “rears his head” he is headed for Alaska. Then she uttered yet another sentence that defies diagramming: “It is from Alaska that we send those out to make sure that an eye is being kept on this very powerful nation, Russia, because they are right there.”

Reared heads reared themselves again at the debate, when she said that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac “were starting to really kind of rear the head of abuse.”

She dangles gerunds, mangles prepositions, randomly exiles nouns and verbs and also — “also” is her favorite vamping word — uses verbs better left as nouns, as in, “If Americans so bless us and privilege us with the opportunity of serving them,” or how she tried to “progress the agenda.”

Poppy Bush dropped personal pronouns and launched straight into verbs because he was minding his mother’s admonition against “the big I.” Palin, by contrast, uses a heck of a lot of language to praise herself as a fresh face with new ideas who has “joined this team that is a team of mavericks.” True mavericks don’t brand themselves.


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There are people….

I know my blog is getting more and more of a political overtone of late – and I am not feeling guilty – instead I feel even more outraged every day as the smear campaign starts taking roots..
You know what is going on in Palin’s rallies these days ..right?

But here is one example why Republicans will continue to resort to this tactics as there are people out there like the ones you will see in the video below:

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Dear American Media,

Can you grow some? Seriously..Can you grow some?

How about boycotting every single Palin Rally until and unless she gives press conferences..?
If you want to be unbiased, just do it. Don’t treat Palin with Kids’s gloves. She is not immune to scrutiny. The regular scrutiny all politicians go through…Stop covering those well prepared stump speeches which revolve around those five words with five million twists. Focus on the real Sarah Palin. Let the American public get an opportunity to see the real possibility of a dumb vice president.

And going one step further, asking the Presidential campaigns (both sides) to release detailed medical records will help…I am not kidding – People may see how close Palin is from the Oval Office because of the Cancer history associated with her 800 year old counterpart!

Seriously, Media! Can you grow some?

Truly Yours,
A very concerned non-citizen.

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Four more weeks and Four things that (hardly) matter

Firstly, follow the link and cringe some more..because this could be the country’s next VP. And the person brings nothing less than what the current president brought with him 8 years ago – in terms of intellectual armament.

4 more weeks is kind of scary because the Republicans and their Rove like strategies involve getting utterly bitter and negative beyond the very definition of getting negative. They will slam, bam and roast everyone in their sight — and the Democratic minds can’t get out of their pussyfooting style and go on the attack.

From what I know of the Conservative America – which is almost 60 to 70%, the country’s president is selected based on the following 4 things, no matter what the situation around us is and no matter which century we live in:

1) Church & Your Christian Faith 2) Roe Vs Wade 3) Gun Freedom 4) Gay Rights

Sad, Economy and Foreign Policy don’t figure in this list…