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Five Words – Five Million Twists they say – Mahatma Gandhi was the man who changed the way you fight your enemies. He actually fought as opposed to the Jesus Christ scheme of things which involved “no fight” but simply encourages your enemy to fight with you more. In other words, there is a big difference between the two techniques.
But I am sure that the 800 year old republican presidential nominee McCain, who is more of a believer in the Jesus Christ scheme of things than Mahatma Gandhi’s, will never resort to this idea of encouraging his enemies to fight him more. Yes. This is what I would term as Religious Hypocrisy. If you think, I am trying to be funny – no, I am not. This is a mere attempt to analyze things before as they are..and to try to understand political figures & their ideologies. The more I wonder, the more I get confused.

The debate season is here – As much scary, it is to acknowledge that we actually have a vice presidential candidate whose IQ is less than 80, knows the following 5 words very well and knows how to use them in a single sentence, in different combinations very well & yet not be bored of doing the same for 500 million times. “Reform, Maverick, Hockey-Mom, Joe-Six-Pack, Executive”.

Now for whatever it is worth, can you try making 10 sentences with the above 5 words in different combinations? And do try that by standing in front of a mirror – the way, make sure you have a plastic smile on your face and…one more thing..It is not nuclear – you have to pronounce it as “Nukelar”..and……

I am sure you get the picture! If you do, I share your sympathies for the nation.