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Four more weeks and Four things that (hardly) matter

Firstly, follow the link and cringe some more..because this could be the country’s next VP. And the person brings nothing less than what the current president brought with him 8 years ago – in terms of intellectual armament.

4 more weeks is kind of scary because the Republicans and their Rove like strategies involve getting utterly bitter and negative beyond the very definition of getting negative. They will slam, bam and roast everyone in their sight — and the Democratic minds can’t get out of their pussyfooting style and go on the attack.

From what I know of the Conservative America – which is almost 60 to 70%, the country’s president is selected based on the following 4 things, no matter what the situation around us is and no matter which century we live in:

1) Church & Your Christian Faith 2) Roe Vs Wade 3) Gun Freedom 4) Gay Rights

Sad, Economy and Foreign Policy don’t figure in this list…