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Dear American Media,

Can you grow some? Seriously..Can you grow some?

How about boycotting every single Palin Rally until and unless she gives press conferences..?
If you want to be unbiased, just do it. Don’t treat Palin with Kids’s gloves. She is not immune to scrutiny. The regular scrutiny all politicians go through…Stop covering those well prepared stump speeches which revolve around those five words with five million twists. Focus on the real Sarah Palin. Let the American public get an opportunity to see the real possibility of a dumb vice president.

And going one step further, asking the Presidential campaigns (both sides) to release detailed medical records will help…I am not kidding – People may see how close Palin is from the Oval Office because of the Cancer history associated with her 800 year old counterpart!

Seriously, Media! Can you grow some?

Truly Yours,
A very concerned non-citizen.