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The day after..

It is hard to cope up with what just happened and what is still happening in Mumbai.
Sympathy, Anger, Restlessness, Willingness to help, etc. – all confound the holiday shrouded mind.

I am using this post as an incoherent blurt…I am not an expert in International affairs. But as a responsible citizen of India and of a peace loving world, I have the right to ask these questions.

* How about the Indian government acting right now? While the rescue and recovery operations are underway, let us use our International goodwill and apply as much pressure we can on ISI and ask them to better point us in the direction of these hideouts in Pakistan? I am pretty positive if ISI works with us (of course they won’t), we can probably uncover 75% of potential future threats to India..

* How about a crackdown on all Indian mosques beginning today? No excuses. I respect my Muslim friends’ right to worship – But these are not normal times..So if you are a moderate muslim, thank you for being so – but it is not enough that you condemn these cowardly acts – you have to work with the government…Right now. Yes. Right now.
You can still go to mosques. But you will have military presence..Sorry – that’s the only way the Indian government can snub Madarasas.

* How about getting rid of the myth that India is a secular country and all political parties will have to do whatever appeasement work they have to do to get their vote banks? Do what is right for India.

36 hours. Nariman House is still under siege. Taj and Oberoi – Conditions still unclear.

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Congrats Vishy!

As the sports fans in India rejoice the thumping win at the Chinnaswamy Stadium which has sealed the series for Dhoni’s men (What an amazing run of form Dhoni is having as a captain – I am yet to believe it is because of any special captaincy techniques he has brought to the field), I would like to take a moment and congratulate Vishwanathan Anand! It is no ordinary feat – If Tiger Woods is to be credited for turning so many young African American people to a sport, they had ignored till then and if Serena Williama and Venus Williams can be credited for bringing Tennis to the mainstream African American population, then Vishy absolutely gets the credit for making Indian youngsters believe that becoming a Grand Master is well within most of our reach. Look at the number of GMs we have produced since Anand first became a GM.

The kind of reception he was accorded with, at the Chennai airport a few days back was well deserving – but unlike Cricketers, Vishy is not going to have fans wearing “I am the World Champion” T-shirt with his face imprinted on them or “King of 64” T-shirts to show their adulation and follow him around.

In any case, whatever he has achieved during most of his career is entirely due to his hard work (with nothing in return from the government) – I am glad he was able to afford it..and thankfully, he has had a good record so far to be able to do so.

Congrats Anand!

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In Transition…

Really. That’s what is going on everywhere..Right?

The Government is in Transition. The Outgoing on its way to Texas and the Incoming on its way From Chicago.
The American Auto Industry is in Transition. Some on their way for a Bailout and Some on their way to being Bankrupt.
The climate in this part of the country is in Transition. Snow and Ice on their way in. Heat and Warmth on their way out.
The calendar is in Transition. 2008 on its way out..and 2009 on its way in.
The Superpowers are in Transition. USA on its way out. China and others on their way in.

Transition is a good thing. Gives you an opportunity to look forward to something different and be excited about it…(of course the cold weather could be an exception)!! But trying to derive some positive essence out of any transition is the key to optimism.

Why am I rambling about Optimism? Because…I like to be Optimistic.

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And time to say "well done"!

The last two weeks saw quick departure in succession of two of the most prominent cricketing personalities in Indian cricket. Similar yet contrasting, they were icons in their own leagues. If one is a bowler, who is unorthodox based on every definition from the spinners’ dictionary, the other one is a batsman who flourished both on and off the cricket field through his colorful, aggressive and ‘dada’ like personality. The bowler is a gentleman par gentleman, who is above all the petty politics that most of his contemporaries indulged in and kept his head above his shoulders all the time, dignified, diplomatic and absolutely respected by every cricketer around the world. The southpaw batsman had everything that an aggressive captain needed to take the game & the challenge to the opponents’ minds. He played gutsily and taught the white supremacists of the game a big lesson that Indian cricketers too can be aggressive and bullying. He taught a thing or two to some of his juniors, who I am sure will carry on this level of bold display on the field for years to come.

Take care Gentlemen! Indian Cricket History will have a few pages dedicated to you for what you did!! Thank You!!
And Well done….!

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Why do I….

Why do I get a lump in my throat every time I see Obama’s acceptance speech from election night?

Why do I get goose bumps when I see the new First Family on stage and the innocent smiles on the 2 little girls and when I listen to the victory speech?

Why do I feel like this moment of celebration has to last longer – even after 24 hours?

Why do I feel that this movement was not just an election phenomenon but probably a great political movement that could stay here longer when I see the youth of this country on TV hailing the Obama win?

Why do I find it amusing that every single commentator and political critic is showering Obama with so much praise now that he has won (although some conservative ones do it with a lot of caution)?

Why do I think that Obama is the only world leader that I have seen so far, in my lifetime, who is able to create so much of positive vibes around the globe (except may be in Russia and China)?

Why do I think that this presidency may very well turn out to be the most thorough and the most conciliatory administration this country has seen in the last century?

Why do I feel selfishly pleased thinking about the fact that the absolutely humbling & gracious McCain of last night never showed this side of his self during the campaign?

Why do I think that Tina Fey may actually have made an impact on the election results? (smile)

Why do I spend 10 minutes thinking about what I think about why I think about this guy called Obama?


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Yes we can..

As I sit on my hotel bed, as I keep alternating the election coverages on CNN, MSNBC and even Comedy Central…I can’t help hide my happiness and cheer – The first thought that came to my mind was not celebration and definitely not any kind of negative feeling towards McCain or Palin. The first thought that came to my mind was the pride that must be running through the many civil liberty activists…and regular African Americans of today, who represent what their forefathers went through a few decades or a few centuries ago..& what this means to all of them – much more than what it means to me.

The historic moment is touching and really moving.

Yes we can!

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Prank on Palin

As much I would hate to see Palin get anywhere closer to the big office, I have to admit that by the end of this prank call, I felt bad for Palin. She is not at fault — and I would blame her staff for letting through such an important call so easily.
Pretty funny stuff though specially once you get your friends who know French to help you with some of the French words/phrases strewn around during the conversation.