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Why do I….

Why do I get a lump in my throat every time I see Obama’s acceptance speech from election night?

Why do I get goose bumps when I see the new First Family on stage and the innocent smiles on the 2 little girls and when I listen to the victory speech?

Why do I feel like this moment of celebration has to last longer – even after 24 hours?

Why do I feel that this movement was not just an election phenomenon but probably a great political movement that could stay here longer when I see the youth of this country on TV hailing the Obama win?

Why do I find it amusing that every single commentator and political critic is showering Obama with so much praise now that he has won (although some conservative ones do it with a lot of caution)?

Why do I think that Obama is the only world leader that I have seen so far, in my lifetime, who is able to create so much of positive vibes around the globe (except may be in Russia and China)?

Why do I think that this presidency may very well turn out to be the most thorough and the most conciliatory administration this country has seen in the last century?

Why do I feel selfishly pleased thinking about the fact that the absolutely humbling & gracious McCain of last night never showed this side of his self during the campaign?

Why do I think that Tina Fey may actually have made an impact on the election results? (smile)

Why do I spend 10 minutes thinking about what I think about why I think about this guy called Obama?