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And time to say "well done"!

The last two weeks saw quick departure in succession of two of the most prominent cricketing personalities in Indian cricket. Similar yet contrasting, they were icons in their own leagues. If one is a bowler, who is unorthodox based on every definition from the spinners’ dictionary, the other one is a batsman who flourished both on and off the cricket field through his colorful, aggressive and ‘dada’ like personality. The bowler is a gentleman par gentleman, who is above all the petty politics that most of his contemporaries indulged in and kept his head above his shoulders all the time, dignified, diplomatic and absolutely respected by every cricketer around the world. The southpaw batsman had everything that an aggressive captain needed to take the game & the challenge to the opponents’ minds. He played gutsily and taught the white supremacists of the game a big lesson that Indian cricketers too can be aggressive and bullying. He taught a thing or two to some of his juniors, who I am sure will carry on this level of bold display on the field for years to come.

Take care Gentlemen! Indian Cricket History will have a few pages dedicated to you for what you did!! Thank You!!
And Well done….!