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In Transition…

Really. That’s what is going on everywhere..Right?

The Government is in Transition. The Outgoing on its way to Texas and the Incoming on its way From Chicago.
The American Auto Industry is in Transition. Some on their way for a Bailout and Some on their way to being Bankrupt.
The climate in this part of the country is in Transition. Snow and Ice on their way in. Heat and Warmth on their way out.
The calendar is in Transition. 2008 on its way out..and 2009 on its way in.
The Superpowers are in Transition. USA on its way out. China and others on their way in.

Transition is a good thing. Gives you an opportunity to look forward to something different and be excited about it…(of course the cold weather could be an exception)!! But trying to derive some positive essence out of any transition is the key to optimism.

Why am I rambling about Optimism? Because…I like to be Optimistic.