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A Grumpy Old Man

I hate to say this. But AB is a grumpy old man. I am not a big fan of his acting skills nor his star power. Never fell into the “angry young man” bandwagon in the 1980s, thankfully to my geography. I have known several friends and family members of mine who still think the Amitabh of the 80s is/was the “handsomest” thing to have happened to the Indian movie scene. I, for one, never could find any logic in that belief. The same thing holds true if a South Indian friend of mine had claimed that Rajni Kanth was the definition of “heroism”in his heyday. Anyways, the point being I was never a fan of AB the actor, nor AB the person. Without getting into any controversies, let us just say, AB the person, had ruined many a career during his peak.

But of late, I have been an admirer of his writing skills and his ability to express his views very clearly and sometimes poetically. (All thanks to the wonderful world of Blogs…)..But all only till the other day, when he started digging his own grave for his public image in his senile age. Someone of his stature, should take extra care in what he expresses and how he expresses his views in a public forum, even if it is his personal blog.

I am not unhappy that Mr. Grumpy old man, AB didn’t enjoy the movie SdM – but his hypocrisy is what that bamboozled me. In my humble opinion, he should be one of the last members of the Bollywood fraternity complaining about projecting a murkier image of India through the west. Which imaginative world is he living in? I don’t understand the underlying logic.

Enough said about the Old Man, of whose words I had some respect for till the other day. Mr. Grumpy Old Man!

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Jan 20

Sometimes, it is hard to express what you feel and how you feel about certain things. Today is one such day. Specially after having traveled through a journey that no one ever imagined, Barack Obama ascends the throne, realizing the dreams of many, many millions of people – those who a few decades ago, were not given the right to vote.
And I am happy I was one of the millions of supporters this man had as he went from pillar to post during his campaign to make it this far. He still has his head over his shoulders and seems very balanced. And I can’t wait to hear his Inaugural Address.

For what it is worth, the day is Historic – Whether you are with Obama or not!

Mr. President, Congratulations and Best Wishes!

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A deserving Recognition

No matter what kind of music you like, you have to agree that the last 16-17 years in the Indian music scene has brought out so many new talents that an attempt to compare the number of talented musicians/singers/arrangers/lyricists who have come out in this period with let us say the prior 50 years, will be so lopsided.

I feel the main reason for this is one man – The man, whose every note, I follow and get inspired from. And the Golden Globe award he received last night to me is a simple recognition on an International stage, for what he has done to Indian music in the last 17 years.

Danny Boyle and SdM were the vehicles for him to get there and I am glad they got their due recognition too.


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Boredom and Excitement

I have often experienced this inertia after an exhausting vacation..specially if it involves traveling abroad. Firstly, we are trying to get out of the vacation mood and the thought of getting back to a stressful routine is never warming. Secondly, the weather factor – when there is a huge temperature drop (for the worse) from the place where you were vacationing to the place you have to start your stressful routine, things just seem heavy & depressing.
And Finally, the time zone – Ha..That’s enough said about my mental state and the cloud of boredom that shrouds it.

On matters of greater importance, among many things, one thing I am looking forward to is my first movie shoot this Friday – Well, before everyone gets all riled up, it is a short film that I am doing for my company and I am actually hiring a videographer to come and shoot the movie for us. I am working on a script & needless to say, it is pretty exciting.

Have been dousing over tons of good & new music of late:

Vaaranam Ayiram stands out for now – Most certainly Harris’s best work till date and I have never liked a Harris album so much mainly because I think his albums’ repeat quotient is very less. Not in VA’s case. Great Guitar work and simply stunning. “Nenjukkul” is the new “En Iniya Pon” for all guitar enthusiasts.

SdM – A little too late to review – but absolutely brilliant. My pick “O Saya”, “Mausam” and “Liquid Dance”. “Gangsta Blues” is absolutely groovy and would rather like Blaaze do such experimentation. Talking about Blaaze, can’t wait to hear his Kural songs.

Ghajini – Another AR gem – the more I listen to it, the more I like it. And even more after I watched the movie last night. The movie was all I had expected and more – More stylish than the Tamil counterpart.

Seven Lives Many faces – I sure am a tad disappointed because I expected Michael & co. to do something different..It is listenable but not extraordinary for the “enigmatic” standards.

GV Prakash has a surprise in Ananda Thandavam – Pretty bold on his part to do what he did and I like the overall outcome.

The Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove – Atrociously funny novel by Christopher Moore – Very different from his Lamb, for example – because there is no need for a constant analogy coder running in your mind, while you are reading the book.

Looks like an exciting week for me (!!) – for many reasons..

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Notes from the Road – Egypt

As I had wanted, I was able to do a quick travelogue – More notes of what we did and when we did along with some things that caught our attention here and there..If I have more time, I certainly look forward to doing a detailed travelogue – But with so much lined up for January already work wise, I suspect I will have the time. And normally with such things, the longer I wait to do this, lesser my enthusiasm will be.
Anyways..I am glad I was able to do at least this.

Egypt Travelogue

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Well..what can I say – A crazy 12 day vacation – worth every minute – Kinda forced me to stay away from my blog.
But hey, I don’t get to go to Egypt every year! Will write more about it later.
For now, let us do the customary toast and wish each other a Happy New Year!
Cheers wherever you are…and Let Peace be wherever you are!