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Elevating one’s game

As I sit down quietly absorbing Bruce Springsteen sweat his way out of the NYC crowd during a 2005 concert, I decided to quickly reflect upon some game changers from this week.

1) Got to give it to the Republicans for sticking to their guns. No amount of bipartisan efforts from the new president was going to get them out of their conservative cocoon. The Stimulus package is definitely not an attempt to murder Capitalism but what they should understand now is that to get out of this disaster called Recession, there has to be concession and not some blind-folded – mantra chanting..! If I had a choice, I would shut down all radio stations broadcasting RL. Yes. The guy on dope…and who drips venom when he talks.

2) Still sticking to RNC, to quote one of my friends, “they have elevated the game” by selecting an African American chairman. I don’t much follow that party even though I keep in touch with the times. But I had not heard of this Lt. Gov. till the other night. I was laughing..Do they really think this is going to prevent the marginalization of the party? Specially, when a guy who thinks “bipartisanship is overrated”!

3) Superbowl tomorrow and I am one of the rare breeds in the country who give two hoots for the game. If at all anything, the NFL games are entertainment and that’s how they are marketed to the audience. I feel sad for those who think that American Football is a real “sport”…No offence, my football loving friends! Apparently, there is a chicken wing shortage in the country for this weekend..and that brought me a chuckle too. You know where I am going with this.

4) Australian Open at the Rod Laver arena – Quite didn’t follow the tournament as much as I would have liked to. Specially the epic Semifinal between Rafa and Fernando. I truly hope for Roger to make the climb this Sunday and equal Pete Sampras. He deserves it.

5) Cricket – Aren’t Dhoni’s men suddenly beginning to look a little clinical? Still nowhere close to how the Ozzies were till a year ago. But, consistency is some quality that they can get closer to inheriting. Talking about the Ozzies, just like the American economic dominance in the world is beginning to come down largely due to their arrogance, it is now time for the Australian Cricket dominance to start coming down for the very same reason. Great job SA!

I need to elevate my own game too. Did I tell you about the short movie I made for my company? It was great fun and has given me some confidence in taking the next step towards realizing one of my dreams. The movie is available in my company’s blog.