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Here comes one more…

My passions are ignited to write this post, thanks to Palin (again)..As long as we have these wild life hunters around, the environmentalists will never be able to sleep.
I am sure this is not a new form of hunting – Must have been around for years (The aerial Wolf Hunting)..But what bothers me is the fact that they don’t recognize this as infringing upon nature. After all, they are killing wolves in their natural habitat.
And to top it all, Palin has the guts to call the group that is protesting this form of hunting “Extreme Fringe Group'”.

So, that is my rant for the day – Palin represents the America that is getting marginalized by the day and has Rush Limbaugh ruling it ably supported by Palin &her cronies…(including Cheney). (Sigh!!!)