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The perils of Pessimism…

When a country whose confidence is at an all time low, everything can easily be looked at negatively even if there is not much rationale behind looking at it that way. I have always wondered why would we want to throw in so much of pessimism around yourself when you know it is not necessarily going to help. We all understand the reality and we all know that things are definitely at its 25 year worst in the US and hence possibly in most countries around the world. But, to sulk is not going to get anyone anywhere. And, that I believe is exactly what President Obama is trying to do. Today is the 47th day since he took over office and it is extremely funny to look around the country to see how many different ways he is being targeted for what he is trying to do. As biased as I am towards his pragmatist approach, it is hard not to notice what he is trying to do. In my 11 years in this country, I have not seen a President work so actively, keep pushing his tasks to his cabinet so regularly and above all to have touched upon so many issues administratively in such a ridiculously short time.

While we have Limbaugh suddenly being elevated to the pedestal of acting as the Conservative Hero, Steele is trying for a hip-hop cameo and Jindal, from being the most intelligent elected official has gotten thrown to play the role of a humiliated Comedian, in the latest show called “RNC in Distress”. Of course, Palin is still trying hard to stay in limelight. In any case, what the party has proved in 47 days is that they are not going to sacrifice their ego for making things happen. And what they have to realize is that, their distress is only adding to the pessimistic mood in the country.
Overall, this kind of pessimism is only digging the perils of this economy deeper.
It is another Saturday and the weather could have been better. The thought that we may actually be towards the end of winter is warm enough, even though it is 40 degrees outside. A very hectic month ahead and I cannot complain! I want to make sure that I don’t contribute to any pessimism, to or for the people around me.