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Mad Money Shenanigans

Apparently the next best thing to Jon Stewart on Comedy Central is Jim Cramer…or was – at least till last night. I did manage to catch last night’s brawl street fed, as I fumbled my way through the leaving room, as soon as I got home from Detroit Metro. Boy, was I thrilled and disappointed! Jon Stewart is certainly the best entertainer out there (yes, I would rate him higher than Letterman in this quotient) who can make people laugh and think seriously on issues. And it explains why he has a huge following and how he can influence in bringing down shows (example: CNN Crossfire). But the battle itself was heading towards an anticlimax right from the get-go. Cramer was meekly surrendering himself to the authority of Stewart and he was on a ‘mea culpa’ mode all the way.
Cramer dude – What happened to your ‘Mad money’ shenanigans?

This whole Stewart vs Cramer episode gave me a lot of excitement for a week because it reinforced my belief that the whole speculation industry is full of baloney..

CNBC – Looking for the next exit? <> This way please …